“Then there was Music and Wonderful roses… they tell me



in sweet fragrant meadows of dawn..and you...

floral arrangement

This can only be a short tribute to a woman with the deepest of hearts. She does more of those simple-acts-of kindness-than 10 people I know all without anything but LOVE in her huge HEART!


 There was love all around but I never heard it singing no I never heard it at all…till there was You”



I am so positive that this taller but angelic tiny little girl was not at all lined up for this shot. I mean it was not a lingerie shoot day; if I remember correctly she had just arose for the morning –

before even coffee, espresso, or even a latte. Plus I remember that the fruit trays had not arrived yet…


 All I want to say about this particular shot is that the model  Lisa, and especially the photographer received awards as they well should have.

Sergio Rossi_Lisa Martinalgia





  This is one of those before and after shots — of course this one is the BEFORE SHOT with the sturdy bloak is running his machine…





Then of course below is the bottom or the AFTER SHOT — BUT MY OH MY SHE LOOKS OUT

for this day…







This lady below is of course on of my 10 faves!!  She is as sweet as a Scandinavian Strawberry can possibly get…















Bum Bum Brasil

I rather enjoy the reflective notion of a stroll down Memory Lane as it were, by laying out some photographs; sort of photo journalistically; however, as this site is for everyone, the photos I think could perhaps spark a memory on your Lane, and of course those that are vividly close to me. I feel compelled to just mention denim and lace; is there a better combination?There is a sort of real naivety within our youth. Innocent and pure, yet we seemingly know everything and getting bored thinking that there is “nothing to do…”

And then one procures a driver’s license! I will never, ever forget this statement: “What can I say—when you get your driver’s license—an entirely brand new world opens up…just waiting to be experienced and fondled out there…” To this day I will not forget the person who enlightened me that day. (Or the many other things we learned!)


 So very interesting that I ran into this particular group or assortment of photos insofar as they are of Brazilian ladies taken for the entire part in Brazil for a national

“Bum-Bum of Brazil” a contest seeking to measure the best of the best Bums in all of Brazil.


Therefore it’s not going to take any rocket science to sort this one out…except for who maybe won the contest,

or suffice it to say I got hooked into some playful little backsides and wanted to share them with you.


Especially this one here! I was simply amazed at how skinny this model’s waist actually is! Seriously, one could measure the girth, depth, breadth, and whatever else

it may be about this ladies bum, however, she is not excuse me, big assed, as one might perceive in American ethnic culture. (YES! We do have some samples of those to share with you as well.)   :)


This little she-devil is one of my faves. All one needs to do is to look at her tiny hands and the only soleum oath would be yes these are

definitely “One hander ass cheeks!” Her standing position and hand placement tell me she’s sassy!


This lady is one of my favorites more so! Notice nothing is protruding and to get that shot, WOW! must have been a combination between a model’s strength

and a photographers…”Click”…Notice if possible that one can actually see the models aft leg (her left leg) almost at the same level as her fore leg (right leg).

Brittany Herrera

Another perfect (ppuurrffeecct) bum!


I believe I included this particular photo to illuminate just how prudish some American ladies are. This particular model who is competing in the same contest,

is all of about 15 years of age; however, in Brazil, especially Rio de Janerio it is a family honor to produce such an angel and as such the world should be blessed with her.

The One



Ladies of Summer 13′

you knowIt seems like centuries that humankind has been fixated on the anatomy of the female gender. 

And try as I may, otherwise just doesn’t work with me; meaning of course that as I view these wondrous models I find that I am no different.


It seems to the ordinary public that these images do not show any sensuality or sexuality. I answer this way:

if they did not have even the slightest amount of sensuality no one would be publishing these sexy photos.


Even our sun-soaking beach parading young adult lady has some lessons for us all!


Up above is Natalie who has been featured on this site in so many different shots; however, it is the

true length of the one above that really shows her intimacy.

aceredhead in blue

And of course the mind swelling (amongst other things) Sarah who did just one original spread for Guess? and hasn’t stopped

hearing about it on a daily basis.


And of course one of my all time favorites — this remarkable lady was cruising down a beach in Rio when a I believe a member of

Paparazzi snapped her. Looks as though she felt okay with it…then again I don’t own the agency’s she’s with.


O nly one particular  altruism about this gorgeous model up above; first she’s a great friend; and the only other thing is

how did she get purple to match up with beige?


Doesn’t everyone love passion when set to example by such athletic models…



The One


At the Ironworks…

ironqworjsWell well my friends! Seems like ions since we’ve updated this magnificent board! And it has been too long regardless of the bullshee-it

I could come up with…so then, with apologies I present to you young and fitness model Brit. Ward!

Britany Ward_medium_landscape

Then again what could possibly be said about the ever-so-delightful-exciting, did I say and gorgeous Ms. Sarah S.

This lovely lady looks great in everything she models…so hell, she gave lingerie a try; what do you think?


This next photo has been featured, as well as the model in a small editorial that we whipped up here; however, you know those poses, looks, fitness, wearing

lingerie that some models are blessed with — great looks! Well that’s how we felt about this campaign.


If a look could give off a thousand words, how many (including groans, and hoos and ahs) do you think this picture generates?


I mean she has ALL of the accoutrements and so relaxed!!


And just above is one of the most well-proportioned ladies I seen in sometime! She is a young and soon to be

famous model from Argentina…yes, we are planning a feature on the Ladies of Argentina!


I wish I could explain this one, but “no bullshee-it” I know I promised. This magnificently daunting young model really reminds

me of  the other model encased in GOLD as well up above. I really couldn’t say anything now for sure except that they do look quite

similar. I wouldn’t want to do them any injustice because well…the photos do the talking!


The lady above is a friend laughing her a$$ off because she can’t actually understand why she’s being paid to

run on the beach…she is having the time of her life!

dee cee

And of course this model is a friend as well — only she is the Quintessential Model meaning that everything she does turns into GOLD!

She is the consummate professional who is one of the funniest and zany models I’ve ever had the privilege of working with!




Models as actors, creative directors, freely exploring adventure…

Hello Everyone! Well February our infamous Cupid and Valentine’s day is just about coming to an end. What a delightful month it has been! As for me I went out internet adventuring and came across some newer sites that proved to amaze me even more…

There are a lot of scholars and experts who well believe that during the Colonial Era who believed that the humongous line written “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is actually referring to “the pursuit of happiness” as meaning and able to explore and create. Makes sense to me when one thinks about it — to live, freely, and explore, adventure, and create; I love it. So this issue of our professional manniquens we are going to be just a bit more daring — with what we believe are “everyday and quite normal” photographs.

gently now..

To this day the stunning model just below is fastly growing into a Canadian Legacy; her merits are so vast – made it to The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on her first “I’m available.”
We’re just going to refer to her as Zoe. However, with so many Canadian women just rockin’ the world of fashion, we have been dedicated to Zoe following her career.


And down below this extremely friendly model (a friend) looks so delightful as she scoops her finger into the
creamy nector with just enough to cross her tongue…

she's got a way to move me

For this particular model I was, and quite openly, am still breathless! This is one of those shots where everything came together at once perfectly.


The One


Fabienne: “Are you going to give me oral pleasure now?”  (from Pulp Fiction)

xlnt shot

The model up above is really listening to the creative director and photographer!

Naughty or nice

This is a perfect example of “showing the love” although not is all that appears in this photo…anyone see the man’s thumb?




Just a bit for EVERYONE!

Milk buns

We don’t really know what it is about Barbara whose just below sporting what we believe is the newest line of fine lingerie from

who else but Victoria’s Secret

This is one of our longest known model friends. Isn’t she just well-proportioned to the inth degree? What definitely amazes

me about Alina is how in the universe did she get that great shadow between her lovely cheeks?

We just wonder around here if this gorgeous model  just hangs out like this? Have you ever seen anything so beautiful, classy, and fine?

I swear it is models like her that give inspiration to those who may find it a little cold on mornings for running!

The One_Vladmire C_Trump

As for me, the photograph just below is not only fashion, but makes a reliable account of our society as well. Having said that

there isn’t nor does it imply anything wrong with society. I love the picture inasmuch as what it says about eroticism,

nature, the feminine form, and her accessories — the Kuffs.

and becomes the rose

Yes indeed! This is one of the photos that we’ve featured here that is just below. I realize that there are a lot of times

that I use the expression, “…oh! Have a look at those ASS DIMPLES…! These are the dimples located about 2 inches below

the waistline, on the posterior aspect of the woman’s body. Ironically, not all women have them — perhaps the

same as all men aren’t hung like horses! No Ass Dimples have to do with the physical fitness and especially a woman’s posture.

Every now and then it seems that no one can get the job done quite the you do — enough said.

from carsten

I have met and worked with the lovely model below. As for me this is the quintessential shot! Notice her pleated skirt drapped just over 

the blue lace ruffled petticoat and up top all she is wearing is some kind of navy blue easy like T-shirt. But overall what 

does it for me in this photo are of course her shoes! Next only to her panties!


Just a bit of movement up top that I’ve tried to fit in somewhere. But below is one of the best, nicest, friendliest, common sense, and most 

sought after models I know. She is Alina and she is famous! She spends her winter’s in the Caribbean and at times the Figi Islands, then when the

swim suit season has really ended for models, it’s off to Paris, Lyon, and Milan for her salaciously seductive lingerie shoots intermixed with 

new fashioned entire swimlines.


This photo (below) is on this page because I love the model, her friendship is everything to me…she’s relatively new to the business and I feel as though

she has a future in this tough business. She looks as though she is wearing a pleated tunic from her early days at Parocical School — yet more importantly

look at her lines, she is exquisite!



Fashion and Confessions of One who is in Modeling

I really wish I could come up with an explanation for it — yet I still don’t quite know how to approach this little idiosyncrasy — in that the feline shape for some reason is just more attractive to me. This is a notion that should bother me, but it doesn’t at all. I do have my moments when the subconscious gets a wild streak and I get all freaked out thinking I might be a lesbian. However, that feeling only lasts for at most a couple of days  — or for me, more importantly, when my boyfriend comes a calling. Then just the smell of him, or being felt in his grasp, even a bit of a romantic kiss and I am all undone!

And then the race is on! Who will the other person completely naked and hopefully in the state of readiness before the other one does. Yup, you betcha! It sure is a lot of fun, I don’t need reminding that I am a lady especially when he’s holding me! It has only been lately that I’ve been able to confront this female attraction thing — and it’s far deeper than I ever imagined. I mean the way that I see other ladies now, as compared to my wild side days is as day and night.

Anyway the reason I bring this to the forefront with this little spill is I think that the most beautiful portion of a female’s anatomy has got to be her ass — or I should say for those who keep themselves up and in good health and fitness. Here’s my dilemma: Should I refer to myself as an “ass-girl” or a butt-hugger or, just what does one say if they love the look, shape, feel, touch, not to mention movement of a ladies derriere?

It simply would not surprise me if anyone either in fashion or the entertainment business did not recognize the “to die for model” up top or the ever-so-talented star of several films and so much more who is pictured just below in green. The “to die for model” has become indeed one of the foremost lingerie and swimwear models on the planet. Yet her career which has lasted well over ten years now and is showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down, quite the contrary in fact, is none other than Alina who we’ve all seen in the J.C. Penney’s advertorials, or you name it editorial.

Then again just beneath us in the lighter green dress with gold appointments, deluxe cfm shoes just lounging about on that satin and gold bed can be nobody other than Amanda S. I would like the license to point the lesser specific assets that Amanda has rather than the obvious. Notice if you will, how delightfully proportioned her legs are! The irony is  that she isn’t all that tall, but she knows the fashion she enjoys wearing and what accents her bodily features which of course — just looking at her is definitely her tight-one-handed bum and please check out the sway in her back!!

Beautifully soft and extremely manageable hair with crystal green eyes with her lips puckered with ruby red lipstick!

She is an absolute stunner isn’t she! But we’ve all seen her act, right…? Think of the little cute one in Mean Girls who had a unique ability to forecast the weather by her breasts! Or maybe you’ll recall Dear John, when she fell in love with Channing Tatum’s character before he goes off to war! Ringing any bells yet? Okay then how about Red Riding Hood where we find she’s fallen in love with the wolfman? This is too fun for me, cuz I adored her in In Time, opposite Justin Timberlake who she out shined with her athleticism and versatility of looks, and acting ability. Yet beyond all of these Amanda is probably best known for her worthy-of-an-Oscar performance in Mama Mia! opposite Meryl Streep and of course Letters to Juliet opposite Vanessa Redgrave.

I guess it is no mystery who I have and have had a passion for, eh? I want to say a few more words about Amanda; she is unquestionably one of the kindness most down to earth person, star, or celebrity on Earth. Additionally, she involves herself in projects and “mums” the word; meaning, of course that she doesn’t go around hating people for wearing furs, nor does she ever come across as a person who is not real or anything other than she is — sweet, genuine, nice, and stunning. 

And then again what could one ever say about one of the true to form and upcoming models working today. This photograph was sent to me by her agency (of course I asked!) one in Mexico the other being in Colombia.

Just below is a shot again just to feature how beautiful ladies can be. I really don’t know how this photograph was made — sure we could find out how — otherwise let’s look at a few characteristics:  Is the liquid material water or some other version of water? Do you think that the model was in the same shot as the water, or do you believe that her photo was taken at a different time and place? My joy with this shot is how her blond hair is flowing in all directions the color scheme of the entire product being black, aqua, skin tone, and blond and I am not going to mention the jets of water!

Not a whole lot to say about the photos below; except that the wide variety of lip shapes, texture, and even pose allows us to make some kind of assessment as to what we feel in a variety of settings.

As for me, I’m going with in row (width wise) 1 – photos one and four, the lady with the ice in her mouth; 2- Definitely the Muah! pucker-up pose in one, two & six I love but my fave is number three because I love the color and shade of lipstick she’s wearing. 3- they all look good, however none over the other; 4- The entire Row! Each has an expression as well as utter cleanliness; 5- All of them again but number four is my fave! 6- Is definitely number five — gentle, ready, soft, clean, moist, and very kissable!

It is no mystery that Ashley has been featured on this site more than once. To be as open as possible I don’t think Ashley has any type of clothes that she just doesn’t radiate in!

Enjoy and thank you!!