A Brand New Look!


I have wanted to start a new blog.  The purpose of my new blog is one of simplicity and to enjoy the wonderful things one can experience in life. Actually when one looks around—especially in the blogosphere—there is so much going on that one wonders how any regular person can keep up with it!

Of course I’m talking about photos, slide shows, videos, music–oh hell yes—music of ever genre with music videos to boot! In addition, I decided to add various themes to my new blog, in particular, those areas in my life that I just could not possibly go on without! 

Fashion is an addiction for me. Sure I love a lot of designers; however, it’s the people who model those designs that bring me an entirely new perspective of God.  Further, in that perspective comes so much more appreciation for God’s work…human creation. 

Some of the models these days are beyond anything I’d ever imagined.  I reflect on how the artists of old who believed that the female form is the greatest thing known to humankind.  I have now entered that space and I love it!


Is one of those unique qualities that females have that allows them the ability to be flexible.  I have seen photographs of models who through her adaptability, class, and dignity and the talent of the artist who uses cosmetics become entirely new creatures.

I am going to try and add a photo on the right side as my first right fashion model example:  Please meet the darling and stunning Shannon as photographed on the right. Shannon is a successful model and I’d go so far as to say if she wanted it–the status–she could easily be a “Supermodel.”shannan-click_m4.jpg

Here is another example of being able to change things around.  Can you believe that the model in the photo below (L) is Shannon as well?  This is precisely what I meant when referring to versatility. 


There may not be that big of a difference between the two photographs which was done intentionally insofar as in some of my forthcoming examples one will be hard pressed to believe the two are the same person.


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