Fabulous Concept!

Isn’t this just a great concept?  This room and the majority of its décor is—believe it or not—wallpaper.  Yep, good old fashioned wallpaper rolls that have been joined together and have created such a magnificent look.The absolute perfect notion for those who like change; moreover, for those who love to be creative—especially when bored!  Yep, you know how the ol’ saying goes…if you don’t like the look of a room…well, then change it! meryl_bowness_l2.jpg

Even the chair that’s between the red and yellow dresses is part of the scheme.  Now…what about the door?  Is it real, meaning functional or is it wallpaper as well?  Good question. 

And now for the bit on the below left.  I have it on a very reliable source that the dishes in the hutch are on wallpaper as well; I mean, we knew that part; however, what I have on from high is that the photograph was taken in such a way so as to show that the image of the plates, cups, and service is intentionally rumpled for viewing purposes.  meryl_bowness3_l.jpg

And finally, time for some images.  I know that I’ve made several references to how various images evoke thoughts, memories, emotional reflections that most often will have an affect on our behaviors.  Another self-revelation: I maintain several folders with files loaded with images.  Most are public domain; although, if I were ever to use a photograph that I didn’t have permission for I’d certain contact the folks necessary to use it. 


And finally…Hey! I’m down here! This is going to do it for today.  Just thought I start a thing posting “Model for the Page” type thing that is unoffficial and above all means polite!  If you need a name or particulars, email me at:  search_16@yahoo dot com, hopefully I will be able to assist you.  Cheers again gang!! 

fanny-courtessese.jpg  Stunning or what!?

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