It’s the Little Things…

v-daycl1.jpg  What an absolutely lovely piece of work.  I take great pleasure posting this gif(t) image on my give your “Head a Rest” Simplistic States blog.  The artist has done so many of these but for some reason her sight has been shut down.  So in my own special way maybe this will inspire her to get to it again, re-open her site, and for me, it’s a 
way to promote her work.  What talent!

Actually my sizing wasn’t too terribly good.  It says: “Wheresoever you shall go, Go with all your heart” and is apparently the quote is from Confucius.  It’s the little things in life that seem to be so beautiful.  This artist’s use of color with the flair of her brush or quill–I continually am reminded of beauty.

So too it seems with so many of today’s fashion models.  Ever since the Paris Fashion Week of 2005 there have been ladies who have soared to great heights.  Seriously, think of this: What do Heather Marks, Julia Dunstall, Kat Standruk, Jessica Stam (woo-hoo!), Fanny Courtecuisse, and from the film industry, Elisha Cuthbert, Sarah Carter, and of course, Rachel McAdams have in common?thenotebook1xl4.jpg

 Get it yet?  Sure…they’re all from Canada!  Seriously, I don’t know what’s in the water up there, or just exactly what these folks are eating or drinking, but damnnn!  In just about every visual medium–television, film, advertising, appearel, and fashion–there is someone, usually quite young, who is trail blazing their way through the mediocrity into first rate stardom! 

Rachel McAdams deserved the Academy Award (Oscar) for her performance in The Notebook!  In fact, in a recent Vogue Magazine interview, we are told that Ms. Diane Keaton stated that Ms. McAdams was the best and brightest, and I love this one…”the hardest working” young actor today.  Keaton then stated that she was honored to work with Rachel in the film, Family Stone.  I would have wet myself right then and wherever I was!


So today, tomorrow, and forever this rose is for Rachel McAdams who is the epitomy of class and dignity.  But did you see her in The Wedding Crashers?  From my critical point of view young Ms. McAdams made the entire film!  Cheers Rachel!!


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