A Little Bit of This…

avatar-xlarge-2826_3.jpg Hey!  Okay, this one is for me!  I’ve been writing like a maniac at Helium, Newsvine, WordPress–for The Thinker, of course—all very political and high brow stuff with just a little bit of descriptive essays and just a bit of argumentative essays, you know, the basic Op/Ed stuff.


Well as for me, I can only take so much of that before I start really disliking Congress, looking at issues around the globe wondering when God is going to just say, “Okay that’s it!  They’ve completely fugged-it-up for the last time, now I’m pulling the plug..!”

Then in my pursuits I stumble upon a masterpiece called Park Avenue Peerage and my entire outlook, my entire day starts getting better, and better, and you know the drill. I’m not entirely sure, but believe me I am going to find out like a ferret, but I believe the principle writer, owner, editor, and brain trust is a lovely word smithing lady named, Fabiola.  I’ve only visited a couple of times, yet, I do know talent when I see it—and this person has tons of it. 

Oh!  Did I mention classy? From header to impeccable writing skills Park Avenue Peerage is a real blessing for anyone who drifts on over.  And that is my recommendation for the day; better yet, it’s an assignment!  Anyone or everyone reading this Simplistic Mind(s) fun page for me must do yourselves a real favor and rush over immediately.satisfaction.gif

So let me see here for a moment…hmm, after posting a fabulous picture of some replica lingerie adorning the magnificence of God’s creation, yep, the female form has always been God’s greatest handiwork.  Yet, no one…NOT ONE person could get an I.D. on her.  How about if I tell you she lives in London and models either for Storm Model Management or Models 1, does that help out?

I was really hoping to get some assistance on this one–not to mention she’s pretty hot! Right then….for now I must leave you with a dear and rather darling friend of mine…

 yana.jpgI am not certain if it gets any better than this… oh yes, I don’t think she’d mind, her name is Jana and she is so sweet and lovely.  Oh yeah…she’s made a considerable fortune doing “parts modeling.”


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