Ahhh yes!

 Okay then…I have been so blessed this past week, month, and year it’s just been incredible! Today is my nation’s birthday—July 4, 2007—and it’s one of the few traditions that America has left or that some person is not trying to change. So Happy Birthday America!

When I started writing, actually before I even started…I started collecting some of these photographs as long as a year or so ago with the expressed intention of featuring them on this very site. So I hope you enjoy, I absolutely love them.fireworks3.jpg

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that a lot of big-time models these days are starting out much younger than before? When I kick-back and see the pop-pop! popping! of flashes, or see em’ strutting down the runway, sometimes I wonder if I really should be looking at all.

It’s like—the clothes, focus on the designs, fabrics, how it lays on the mannequin—then as soon as mannequin comes up I think of model and there you are.  I do have some significant issues with some of the alleged ages of the ladies; moreover, and trust me here—I could go on for a month or more writing about the effects and affects that I see happening daily as a result of some of this judgment pursuant to who’s modeling.

Seriously, when I think about Heather and the big countdown until she reached 16 years of age seems like a decade ago. There is nothing bad to say about Heather here. I don’t know her, never met her, but admire her tremendously! It’s difficult for me to fully comprehend what it’s like to have cameras flashing 24/7 at 365 days a year. Imagine what a person of her age group and model class must feel when they do their first show!brimg_00013_tn.jpg

OMG! Here she is in all of her angelic glory!  And humble!  Heather is so grateful for everything that comes her way.  However, it’s not just that.  She makes the most of every opportunity she gets.  In my opinion that’s why so many photographers, big brands, cosmetics, beauty, real couture, and big time fashionista’s want to work with her!  She just has this quality about being small town and humble; yet, with metropolitan flare.

One more thing about Heather: She is as versatile as they come.  In my heart of hearts I believe what separates the “Supermodel” from big-time models, to great models, is in fact, their own unique versatility.  By versatility I mean that from shot to shot one cannot tell who’s who.  Put two or more photographs of Heather side-by-side and one is hard pressed because, like a chameleon, she adapts to her environment and looks as though the designer dreamt about her then made the clothes.

This is a great example of what I’m referring to vis-a-vie versatility.  Making the transition from Armani to Dolce & Gabbana to Revlon is “natural” for Ms. Marks.  I am convinced that what separates a “Supermodel” from a tier one model, runway, successful, or on every cover of every magazine is the individual model’s versatility.heather.jpg Somehow in my humbliest opinion I feel that the more versatile a model is, equates to longetivity in her or his career.

Just one more thing…I don’t think being from Canada is some kind of liability.  Whew!  What on earth are they putting in the water up there?  Think about this for a second…between Heather Marks, Jessica Stam, Julia Dunstall, Andi Muse, Kelly Fluker, Joanna Strikland, and oh my, Reid Kastyn, Marina Dvornik, this list goes on and on and on…Oh hell, let’s add Rachel McAdams and Sarah Carter, and why not Kristen Kruek to boot! 

Of the aforementioned models several of them are definitely in the Top 20 and I believe that Heather and Julia may be in the Top 10!  I would feel lousy if I left out Kat Stranduk who is having another great year!  Canada’s greatest natural resource is their women! 

Yet, that notion–Canada’s Natural Resources–will be a topic for an entire post at a later time.  Cheers everyone!!


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