So Many Beautiful Things!

16_sophia_p1.jpgWell, I finally found her! It sure took me longer than normal…but then again, she is anything but normal. Please extend your hand to Sophia.  Just in case you were wondering; Yes! Sophia is the exact same model I requested help on in like my second blog entryRefresh your memory?  Sure.press1-eveningstandard.gif


 The photo on the right is Sophia in Damaris Turl’s, Mimi Holliday Collection, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the bra.  The actual advertisement was commissioned by and in unison Damaris and I felt this was an excellent promotion campaign.

Why?  Simply because it is elegant, simple yet very classy, and not overdone. As for me, the silver butterfly is totally optional; however, I believe the photographer or creative director was going for the mystique as well as time…100 years!








12 responses to “So Many Beautiful Things!

  1. Greetings!

    I saw your request for assitance with this ID on BWG’s forum. As I do not possess ‘the eye’ for tracking new faces on the modeling scene, I am generally not a good source for solving these puzzles. But your request provided enough information for me to research this from a different perspective. I located another copy of this shot and learned that the photographer was Adrian Wilson. I am very familiar with a photographer named Adrian Wilson who does beautiful work in the realm of architecture – for publications such as Architectural Digest. But I haven’t ever known him to do fashion work. Adrian Wilson is British and he has secured a work visa to live in the U.S. – he has an office in NYC. I found his professional phone number and called his office – figuring that I might chat with his assistant. He answered his phone directly and was V-E-R-Y nice. I explained my request and expressed my confusion at his ‘crossover’ from photographing arcitecture to fashion – and specifically to lingerie. He laughed out loud and explained that another young Brit named ‘Adrian Wilson’ has become a fashion photographer – and no, he does not photograph ‘young ladies in underclothes’. Then I laughed out loud! He was friendly and kind and he expressed his concern over the confusion that he knows will happen with both ‘Adrian Wilson’ photogrpahers. He has met the young fashion photogrpaher and requested that perhaps he could add a middle initial to his name, for professional use, in order to avoid this confusion. He gave me the fashion photographer’s email address and asked me to mention that I had been given a referral from ‘the other Adrian’. I emailed the fashion photographer in the past day and a half with a request for this model’s name, but I have not heard back yet. In the event that I might receive correspondence from him, I will share any information that he might provide. You have accomplished her ID since I began my search, but perhaps he might confirm and provide her surname.

    Best regards to you.

  2. Response to JMJ

    Hey! Is this the one and only JMJ? Greetings back!

    I can’t possibly thank you enough for all of your time, patience, and effort regarding sourcing this out. I mean it is so cool of someone to want to help out another person.

    I first saw this 100th Anniversary, Mimi Holliday Collection at the Fashion Model Directory (FMD, Zyana’s, alex’s place); however, by the time I found the particulars the person who originally wanted them is no where to be found.

    There was another request from the gang over at The Fashion Spot (tfs) and I haven’t checked to see if anyone Id’d Sophia. The Fashion Spot is one of the nicest website and blogs I ever run into! Tfs is very, very classy and most BW and FMD members go there as well. Talk about some experts! You’ll see—an acquaintance of ours—has something along the area of 14,000 posts; tfs has a very loyal membership.

    I believe they are going by invitation now. Just let me know if you need one. At the new year each member received 25 invitations to invite so I still have some left—let me know. One of the nicer issues about tfs is that many, many models are members there and are so thankful that one would do anything for them. Often they even upload photos from their personal collection. Brilliant. 5 Stars. Tfs is huge.

    I don’t know if you noticed but you are my very first comment on my new “download my brain with beauty” blog—Simplistic State, aka Simpleminds. I think I should take this comment and make it a new entry or an “aside.” Anyho…thank you so much again.

    Btw, how’d you find Adrian Wilson’s name? Cheers for now.


  3. Greetings OMC – Yes, it is me – JMJ!

    I found Adrian Wilson’s name by locating the photo on the http://www.catwalkqueen site. The lower left corner showed the photographer’s name. I loved this photo and I especially loved Damaris’ design because it represents a nod to vintage lingerie designs. The fact that this set is decorated with Swarovski crystals and gold lace makes it truly special. Just a lovely design on a beautiful model.

    I am not a member of tfs – but I would be truly honored to receive an invitation. I visit frequently to source updates on favorite models and designers – and I have also spent time reading suggestions from those in the industry regarding start-up costs to open a design studio. It is an intelligently designed and operated site. Again, I would be honored to receive an invitation. Many, many thanks.

    I love your blog – and the photography you have chosen to grace ‘the walls’. I enjoy visiting here and reading. I hope that you will continue to display serene and lovely photos – such a visual holiday!

    Best regards.

  4. This girl is absolutely beautiful. But a question: Why do you need an invitation on the Fashion Spot? When I tried to register, it didn’t work.

  5. Sophia is absolutely beautiful. But a question; Why does the Fashion Spot not not let people register? I have been trying forever, and it just says something about an invite.

  6. Hey Alex!!

    The Fashion Spot (tfs) has really gotten huge, as you already know; however, because the community at tfs are very close-knit they thought it would be a good idea to have members sort of endorse folks who wanted to come over for membership.

    I’d be more than happy to send you an invitation but I would need an accurate email because then the invite comes to you in your mail then you just confirm. It’s a good idea, I think; unless of course one didn’t frequent fashion sites and blogs.

    Let me know! Cheers!!


  7. Hey there ‘Me Again’…

    Again well done in your searching abilities! Being a person of research I know how struggle-some a lot of these searches can be; especially in the fashion business: WHERE EVERYONE INCLUDING THE MANICURIST GETS NAMED and rarely ever does a model recieve credit.

    Notwithstanding however, if you just hover your mouse over the photos a FIRST name will show.

    From there, most folks just ask and like you, a true ‘digger’ for information, I let them know with haste. So don’t be a stranger!

    Welcome to Simpleminds, enjoy the site, make suggestions, make leads, but always remember who did the ‘grunt’ work to find Sophie. Ahem…

    Oh yes…I do have other photos of her if you are interested. CHEERS!

    omc 😉

  8. hey guys, how funny to watch u doing such a thorough research…. have to say, well done!!! i enjoyed the compliments…. thanks!

  9. Ms. Sophia,

    What an honor! Thank you so much for the lovely words. It’s not everyday that someone gets selected for a 100th anniversary collection like you did for Damaris.

    The ‘Mimi Holliday’ collection was a classic. You were the perfect, quintessential selection that made the collection so successful.

    As for me, I love your Elle cover and the editorial inside! CHEERS!

    Onemorecup aka jon-paul

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