This One’s for You…and Me!

eye-candy.jpgYep, the long and short of it is…I need to see beauty and lovely things today. Borrowing a great quote from a song by a friend and mentor, “When this ol’ world starts getting’ you down…” Yep! That’s from James Taylor…a bit older; however, I feel that truly great things—Art, music, literature, lyrics, and the human form keep getting better with time. Does that make them older? Maybe it is just the notion of being ahead of their time!

That’s is really the way I feel about cosmetics.  Are cosmetics getting older or are the getting better?  As for me the answer is both! I have little doubt morphoblue.gifif any, that one of the hallmarks that made Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt, vixen, diva, hot, so hot that every male that came into her presence went to war over the babe!  Seriously now!  Let’s look at history: Caesar, the Emperor of Rome and his mighty army crossed the Mediterranean just to be with her.  At the same time, Caesar’s most trusted supporter and friend, Marc Anthony thought he just couldn’t carry on without so much as a look (okay…maybe a taste!) of Cleopatra.  There are very few women or men I have met in my lifetime that I would even consider going to war over…let alone kill my best friend to boot! I believe that one of the most unique differences between Cleo and her girls and the rest of the Egyptian lot was in the application of cosmetics. 

ingrids-eye_karin.jpgThe cosmetics of her time were totally exotic!  Some were made of Blue Morphious butterfly wings; others from various charcoals mixed in pure rose oil.  I am certain that the make-up artists in her court were damn near alchemists insofar as they mixed sand, rich Egyptian clay to create reds of various colors and the flowers!  You know they used the pigments of various exotic flowers to enhance their colors all the more.     sydneylights.jpg

It’s really like a 2 for 1 insofar as can you imagine the scent? One would think that in an otherwise not-to-overly hygenic era with slaves sweating and people just not overly concerned about their hair, body odor, maybe even their finger nails (ewww!) just think of walking into her huge quasi-air-conditioned palace with all her girls just smelling like a wild garden of flowers.  Yes!  Moreover, Cleo’s got these maidservants bathing her in pedals with all the exotic soaps available!  She must have been a sight to ANY eyes.eyes_green.jpg

4 responses to “This One’s for You…and Me!

  1. This was an EXCELLENT addition! And you are so correct about the magnificance of Queen Cleopatra. She actually wrote a book about cosmetics and mixtures of preparations – referenced later in history by physicians. Criton, the Roman physician who has been referred to as the ‘Father of Cosmetic Medicine’ referenced Cleopatra’s work and her formulas. [Reference: The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain]. I was not aware of the use of butterfly wings – my knowledge was limited to henna, fucus, boiled walnuts, and vera.

    I also knew a basic level of information about hair dyes – but the point of all of this history that I have most noticed is that every article makes the reference – “Ever since Cleopatra…” – she seems to sit at the base of our collective knowledge.

    Thanks for the lovely recognition of this timeless beauty!

  2. JMJ:

    Thank you so very, very much! You have such a lovely way with words; moreover, ideas, design, and class!


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