Just Can’t Take It Anymore! I Need to….!

for-simpleminds.jpgIn a nutshell, share some of this beauty with you. Hopefully after having a rather frustrating week I will be able to slowly mend by making a “Simpleminds Lookbook” and hopefully without any effort whatsoever, you can just sit back and really enjoy what you see or, what the images say to you.  I will try and be brief with the text.

Yum! It’s not so much the succulent strawberries, or the tantillizing cherries, or most of all it’s certainly not all that wild whipped cream that makes the picture work. As for me it the impeccably placed fingers and the posturing of the mouth that makes this photograph so enticing. Not only is this great for the libido, it’s making me hungrier than hell!  title2.gif

Now about the hat; I just feel in love with it when I first saw it! You know, one of those must haves that literally everything goes absolutely out of control until you get it must haves? Have you ever had that feeling when you’ve wanted something so bad that you can see yourself in your entire damn wardrobe wearing the hat? I can…easily: from jeans to blazers, to T’s, to….Remington Steele! That’s it…Stephanie Zimbulist!


Very much just like this one…I think the hat above and to the right would look just spectacular on her! And talk about a bright future! I really must be careful here…so much legal bulls**t these days…if you don’t know her, she the lovely and coy Cody. She’s done some Ralph Lauren Polo advertisements; I mean the tri-page kind with fold-outs. To this day her advertisement in I believe it was either Elle or Vogue, remains my all time numero uno! It is of course the nautical one. Hey Cody…if you ever get a chance, I’ve got the ad and please, please sign it for me! Cheers!  


2 responses to “Just Can’t Take It Anymore! I Need to….!

  1. Oh gosh – FINALLY – I have been a ‘quart low’ on Simplistic States! And it was absolutely worth the wait!!!

    The extraordinary lady captured ‘in the act’ of enjoying that decadent dessert – her eyes tell it all! One eye ever-so-slightly closed and the other eye positioned to signal, ‘W-O-W, this is just heavenly!’ – – and her beauty matches the apparent flavor of that heavenly dessert! The blue of her eyes are as prominent as the red of her lips because her cosmetics are otherwise FLAWLESS. – OMC – WHERE do you find these wonderful pics???

    The blue hat is perfection. Once upon a time – as a university student – I had a hat in that very shade of blue, but mine was an ‘outback’ style hat. I wore it as a rain hat with a classic trench coat that was a cream-white. In those days, my hair was long – past my hips in length – and I used to stuff all my hair into the hat in order to stay dry. Everyone could spot me coming from a distance! I have often looked for a replacement, but lady luck has not served me yet!

    Cody would wear that hat with a great deal of style! Ralph Lauren has chosen some beautiful ladies to help in his ultimate imagery of ‘Living the Legend’ – Cody joins a list of Ralph Lauren beauties – Valentina – Filippa – Zoya – Lonneke, etc…

    Thanks for the wonderful dose of ‘Simple’! – May your week-end be lovely! – – – Very best regards – JMJ

  2. JMJ,

    Thank you very, very much indeed! Your comment is so inspiring! You know, so many times I think we are on the exact same page…the extraordinary model getting ready to succulently devour that ever-so-sensual dessert just caught my eye!

    And that blue hat…has been haunting me to get some space…I just love it; I can think of at least five models that could just put hats—and all the haberdashers back in business. I think Reid could pull it off and especially Darla; of course, Darla can just about do anything these days she’s like on fire! And of course Reid, I’d just about lie right down in the street for her—but she’d be the one stopping traffic…hell, they’d run over me!

    I didn’t think I’d ever admit to this but. . . Cody is blossoming into a real Ralph Lauren girl! And I don’t care what anyone says…as you say “Living the Legend” and being one of Ralph’s beauty’s…then that list you put together damned impressive.

    Where have you been? You go underground? Cheers mate!


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