3 Huge Reasons Why I Love Simplicity

hilary-rhoda_l_caroline_trentini_r.jpgIn all candor sometimes it is the most austere things that bring about the most unusual beauty. Well that’s how I’m feeling today. When I look around— maybe more than I should—and see a budding flower, a small pool of water, and the very simple, gentle way the wind blows,  it just reminds me of how humble I ought to be. Sometimes I see things that so overwhelm me that my brain goes into hyper-speed, yet at the same time my body is as calm as a magnificent bird soaring miles high riding on a thermal blast of air. Think the bird is at peace?

Indeed the most awesome sights that pass through my eyes are in reality, the down to earth majesty of human form, nature, a great photograph, some  impromptu occurrence that is unplanned, yet perfectly timed.

I find that the latter—unplanned and unexpected—are those situations that no matter what14s.jpg happen are always received well, inasmuch as I don’t feel any harm is bestowed upon the recipient. Oh contraire! Many, many times throughout history our images and perceptions are conceived purely by happenstance.

Being received well, of course, means that no one is hurt, injured, or embarrassed; rather, there almost seems to be an open innocence about it—in fact, one of the few times that nature has her way with us where we actually laugh!

gnd-65.jpgJust to the left is just another one of Canada’s enigmas. I may have written about this before and if I have please bear with me What is in the water up there? Seriously, if one should ever wonder what Canada’s greatest resource is…please don’t be stumped by leather, forestry, or skiing; by farCanada’s greatest natural resourceis their females!


OMG! Just think about it–Daria Werbowy, Jessica Stam, Heather Marks, Amanda Huras, Julia Dunstall, Linda Evangelista, and as with so many of these gems both acting and modeling of course what would  Simpleminds be if we didn’t mention the hottest of them allEvangeline Lillyand that’s just the models! Please allow me to add some other professionals: Elisha Cuthbert, Neve Campbell, Kim Cattrall, Yvonne De Carlo, Jill Hennessy, Mia Kirshner,  Carrie-Anne Moss,  Sarah Polley, Meg and Jennifer Tilly,  Anna Paquin, Sandra Oh, Kristen Kruek, Sarah Carter,  and of course, my all time fave, Rachel McAdams!


As far as the models and actresses I’ve mentioned this is only but a small tip of a huge iceberg! On my honor Canada really has some international folks wondering! I just read an article vis-a-vie Elmer Olsen and just how many marvelous ladies he has “found” or in model terminology, “discovered.” The interesting part of the article that I feel compelled to share is that the author was from Australia, the photographer from Spain, and the piece was about EO and his eye for talent. Of course at the time they briefly mentioned Daria Werbowy, because the feature was about Madeleine Barrevoets.I’ve thought for years that it must be something in the water up there! But who knows, maybe Canada is so far ahead of the rest of the world that what is making so many simply stunning women is genetic enhancers. Who really knows? I will say this without prejudice, I’ve yet to meet a real superstar Canadian that wasn’t the most humble, dignified, and genuine person that imbues the feeling of gratitude. (I know, I know, I haven’t met Avril; maybe, the language is part of her act???) 




3 responses to “3 Huge Reasons Why I Love Simplicity

  1. Hi sweetie!

    When I consider the vast expanse of land that is ‘Canada’, I must suspect that we have only chipped the edges of the wealth of natural beauties who reside there. It is a HUGE country with lots of fresh air and fresh spring water. Think for just a moment – and anticipate – all those beauties who are forthcoming – – – an almost overwhelming thought! Thanks for sharing!

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