Preparation for Ice Cream Eating

151143_m1.jpgIs it just me, or are there other people out there who could watch a lady eat an ice cream cone for however l-o-n-g  it takes? At times I think, “Whoa ease up, she’s gonna think you’re perving.” And at other times, I think some ladies like to see others react to them eating the delicious delights.dv1075022.jpg

As for me, I believe that more can be learned from a lady eating an ice cream than any human verbal discourse could ever achieve. It’ s easy to tell if the lady has been to college, for example. Furthermore, it’s quite easy to tell whether ot not a lady is into herself, of course, meaning if she works out and tries to remain in good physical condition and shape. It also lets me know if she’s confident…now that’s a loaded one!

girl-with-ice-cream-cone-m19-353369.jpgA confident lady licks around the cone to ensure not losing any ice cream. If it’s a warm or hot day, she has no problem whatsoever putting the cone head first into her mouth and keep the whole ice cream under control.  (Fig. Upper right)                                              

Moreover, a woman of confidence thinks nothing about it if a bit of the savory delight drips; trust me on this one–some are known to intentionally let the ice cream melt just a tad so she can demonstrate several of her skills at once such as: say… it’s warm outside and a few drops begin to run down the sides of the cone. Does she let the few dainty drops continue over her fingers and drop to the ground?     (Fig. right)                              38l.jpg

Hey! Wake up! We’re talking about a lady here! No most confident ladies I see have the technique down to an art: First she collects herself…then with one smooth motion she completes a circle on the lip of the cone without fuss; while at the same time rotates the cone straight up to do a perfect “once over” maneuver where she with tongue only goes from one side of the ice cream top, then another quick circle to the side of the cone, and when she is absolutely positive she’s capture the attention of every female and male within a 20 foot radius, she switches hands and then finger-by-finger licks of the earlier mentioned bits of creamy liquid off of her fingers.   Good then…lets continue. (Fig. upper left and below)

pfo4986.jpgThe series will continue…All things being equal we have been addressing sophisticated ladies with confidence. Yet we all know that not every lady is confident; some are reserved, others sheltered, and of course we have the retentive ones as well. 

Until next time….                               

2 responses to “Preparation for Ice Cream Eating

  1. It is important to mention that a truly confident female will, without hesitation and/or feeling the need to defend her choice, demonstrate the courage to order ‘vanilla’.

    She simply doesn’t feel the need to qualify why vanilla works for her.

    Let others become mired in the world of ‘bubblegum pecan chocolate-chip’. Let them ‘sully’ the taste buds with fad flavors and gaudy ‘toppings’. In simplistic states, the confident female needs no such frills. Always the purist, she thrills the senses with that burst of pure vanilla bean.

    Her ice-cream chaser? What could be better than ice cold clear water???

  2. JMJ

    Brrrraaavvvooo! Bravo! BBrraavvoo! (plus whistles from the crowd!)

    Brilliant…Absolutely brilliant! Your word choice and clarity are so above the lot.

    Thank you so much…(xpt email)


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