Ah…Labor Day and Memory Lane

allie-m_warning.jpgLabor Day, in much the same fashion as Memorial Day, carries with it the task of performing that respectful nod to the rituals of tradition. Memorial Day symbolizes the corner we turn toward summer. While June 21st enjoys the actual start, Memorial Day is acknowledged as that day when we can wear white and still fashionably be seen in public.

I cannot imagine permitting the sun to set on Memorial Day without toasting the holiday with a gin and tonic (and yes, a wedge of lime) – the act that serves to solidify that we acknowledge the coming of summer and all of its possibilities. The pool is readied for the first swim of the season, the grill is stocked with fresh coals, the outdoor furniture is scrubbed and refurbished for the coming months, and the volleyball nets are erected and readied for a season of play.ginandtonic.jpg

The celebration of Labor Day symbolizes the conclusion to these games of summer. We plan one final trip to the beach, one last gathering with friends to lounge in the sun and dream away the day, and the last hurrah with the favorite white outfit before it is respectfully retired. With the coming of Labor Day, we turn yet another corner out of summer in anticipation of cooler temperatures.The ‘fire bowl’ replaces the grill on the patio, flower pots are replaced with stacks of firewood, and we wait for those autumn evenings where we can enjoy after-dinner coffee in front of an outdoor fire – candles are lit and nature embraces us with the overwhelming beauty of autumn colors.katie-rosborough.jpg

In celebrating Labor Day, I realize that I’ll miss summer, but I would not trade this progression of the seasons if it were to translate to even one lost day of autumn. Inwardly, I realize that the casual attitudes that surround the warm weather will dissipate. adirondack_chairs_on_a_dock_pennsylvania.jpg



It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge one of the greatest motivators in welcoming the coming of autumn – – – Goodbye summer – – Helloooo FOOTBALL!!!!

This magnificent bit of prose that propagates literally every sense I am aware of has been brought to you by Simplistic States newest contributor, JMJ.




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