Is a Kiss…Just a Kiss?

rodiathekiss.pngWhat is it about a kiss? To kiss or not to kiss? – A vital question, but not the most important one.  There are so many different ways to kiss – from the flirty butterfly kiss to the steamy French kiss – that we often overlook the true meaning behind them.  How did our ancient ancestors originally learn how to kiss and what did it mean to them?  

The history behind kissing and what it means in various cultures is absolutely fascinating.  While some cultures deem kissing inappropriate and taboo, others see it indicative of respect. 

Yet, as I sit here and merely think about kissing my heart starts beating just at the thought of whom I’ve kissed; moreover, somehow trying to list my very own “Top 5 Kisses of All-Time” is almost impossible. It’s youngkiss3.pnglike what’s better between a white rose and a red rose?   

When I consider the soaring sounds, sights splendoring their ways through my mind, the ambience of bliss, and deep, passionately probing at times reaching my inner most peace, yet unbroken by any thing, the numbing from head to toe, and at times—off to a land—created for only that moment.



Smooch, make out, lock lips, swap spit, tickling tonsils … there are almost as many ways to refer to the act of kissing as there are ways to do it.  But, when it comes to engaging in one of America’s favorite pastimes—the kiss—there’s always more to learn. New techniques, just a flick, or the centimeter away from anywhere kiss, damn just the good ol’ fashioned peck will do it. 


Have you ever lost all sense of where you are in space and time resulting from a special kiss? 

A single kiss communicates emotion, romance, desire, spontaneity—a kiss can even express feelings of friendship or familial love. People have an insatiable craving for insight into this symbolic gesture, as well as the kissing culture affecting their everyday lives. forheadsensual.png

And someone help me out here—please! What is it about two females kissing that looks so damn special? Culturally we can endure watching two ladies dancing together, holding hands, and kissing without even ladykiss.pngbattering an eyelash.


Is a Kiss—just a Kiss?

Nope! Seventy seven percent (77%) of Americans don’t think so. When confronted by a partner kissing another person “that kiss” is considered betrayal and cheating. However, maybe these suspicions are justified – one-third of men don’t consider a kiss cheating, regardless of relationship status.  Even more shocking, nearly 1 in 5 devious lovers of both genders have kissed someone other than their partner, but never came clean about it.

Regardless of whether they let their lips wander, nearly 40 percent of people have imagined kissing another person while in mid-smooch.  Women are most likely to fantasize about an ex kissofbreath.png(preferred by nearly two-fifths of female respondents).  On the other hand, men’s thoughts stray to sharing a kiss with a friend (nearly one-third of men enjoy this fantasy scenario).

One should never be in a hurry when it comes to kissing; nor should one feign or take a kiss lightly. There are kisses for all occasions: friends, family, acquaintances, best friends, “the ass-out kiss” and of course, The Lovers Kiss.” Hell, just keep on kissin’.



  Is this the most famous kiss? 

  Is this the most famous kiss? 






One response to “Is a Kiss…Just a Kiss?

  1. Is that the most famous kiss? Yes definitely – I cannot remember another kiss that has been as documented in ‘still photo’ as this!

    In the realm of film – my vote for the ‘most significant kiss’ would have to go to Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler of ‘Gone With the Wind’.

    A kiss isn’t EVER ‘just a kiss’. If kisses were without purpose or ‘intent’, then we would all move about shaking hands or winking at one another. Americans, who are ultra sensitive about their ‘individual space’, don’t kiss without motive. Anyone who leans-in and invades that space does so with very specific intent.

    Remembering the first kiss to the most recent kiss is the stuff that makes memories! Merely close the eyes and let the imagination flow – and we relive it once again. – – But the best kisses – the ones most remembered – happen sans messy and unnecessary lipstick. ‘Au natural’ makes for the best kiss!!!

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