Fabrics, Fragrances, and Fashion

Whew! My apologies for being so mindless so as not to have got itimg_00033_tn.jpgsomething out for all of us “Simpleminded sorts” who just like to relax and enjoy great photography, how fashion evolved, human form, and all matters relating to this wonderful industry we call fashion.

Please understand that I am no fashion guru by any means; I like what I like. Just because Ralph Lauren decided to structure around my “complete concept” of ideas that sure doesn’t make me any more, and quite less a designer or fashionista. (Btw, Mr. Lauren, I was kidding!) Yet even today I proudly claim that I was one of the first discoverer’s of Lauren, the fragrance that remains my favorite. Dear Ralph: You really need to get me under contract.

As anyone who has ever frequented this blog before knows that this is a FUN activity foravatar-large-75096.jpg me. It’s not homework, or a chore, this is what I do to relax; moreover, marvel at how humankind can develop fabrics with the basic beating of leather, to the interwoven spandex and denim that make just that “right” fit.paimg_00029_tn.jpg

Ah yes, the days when denim was used as sail cloth and because of its tough characteristics slowly evolved into ol’ Farmer John’s overalls, then into the kids’ everyday wear. Little did they know!

I clearly remember a time in American history when it was outside of dress code to wear jeans to school—may it never be!

I have also read about during this same time period one couldn’t wear Tee-shirts either; just ordinary plain old mono-colored white, black, or red Tee-shirts were taboo! Oh my Gawd!!

God forbid a female wear pants! “Oh the world’s going to hell in a handbag!” That’s right16l.jpg gang—4 inches above the knee was it. Then came the modern invention of Hippiedom! Flower power, peace, don’t tell me what to wear, and “Teacher…leave those kids alone” was the tune of the day. Not too long thereafter came along Fleetwood Mac and their famed “Gypsy” with Stevie Nicks twirling in lace, satin, chiffon, and yep, denim.

So much more to come…

* Writer’s note: Please with the greatest of respect to everyone, this site is designed to educate people on very basic issues of fashion. It has never, and will never seek any remuneration of any kind. If you have seen yourself on this site I have withheld that information intentionally. All photographers get the knowledgeable credits due for their great work. If any model or agency representing such, would like credit, please contact me immediately at Modelles at models.com~ thank you.  

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