Those Dandy Down-Under Dudes

In a recent piece authored by our Lead writer, OMC [onemorecup], he asserted that, perhaps due to the properties of the water supply, some of the most beautiful female models in the world hail from Canada. Our OMC has a well-honed eye when it comes to female beauty – he can ID a new model gracing the catwalk nearly as soon as her foot hits the runway. I am careful not to second-guess his expertise in this regard. But I will submit this for consideration – – if Canada dominates female beauty, then Australia excels in the natural excellence of their men.

As the list of these ‘dandies’ is nearly endless, please consider just a few at the top of the heap…Aussie marvel Travis Fimmel represents a study in lean-body-male-beauty, as well as brains, with a very healthy perspective regarding his ‘celebrity’. Travis initially gained the public’s attention as a Calvin Klein fashion model. He acknowledged that modeling was the most boring job in the world with his comment: “You don’t have to be smart to be a model, but you have to be dumb not to do it.” [source: Hello Magazine] He redefined male beauty via Calvin Klein print and billboard ads around the world in the mere span of a one year contract and then smoothly transitioned to acting. He studied under the guidance of Ivanna Chubbuck [who also groomed a young American ‘unknown’ named Brad Pitt] and landed the lead role in the short-lived WB series Tarzan, set in New York City. He thereafter participated in two pilots – Rocky Point [set in Hawaii] and Southern Comfort [set in the southern U.S.]. Neither pilot transitioned to a ‘series’ status, but both joined a collection of failed television pilots that served to further expose the Hollywood marketing executive’s challenge of how and to whom to successfully market a pilot. [Ask Don Johnson about failed pilots – he racked-up six before finding success with Miami Vice.] Travis returned to Australia and landed a major role in the Australian film Ravenswood as an ‘on-the-edge’ psycho [premiere November, 2007] and he has since participated in two American films [Surfer Dude and Ivory]. Despite his onscreen appeal, growing resume, and worldwide recognition from the female gender, Travis continues to be a regular guy from a small farming community in Australia who would prefer to live a barefoot existence with his privacy intact. He is, as my southern mother would express, ‘a very potent force’. His ‘keeping it simple’ philosophy only serves to accentuate his natural excellence.

Hold your breath and have a ‘look’.Image Hosted by

Russell Crowe exemplifies classic rugged ‘down-under’ appeal. Though born in New Zealand, he was raised in Aussie Land, ended his formal education without graduating from secondary school, and then later considered attending Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts. But by the time he was able to afford acting lessons, he was already a working actor, so he very simply and expertly got-on with his craft. Please do visit ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ and review an excerpt of his interview with host James Lipton to enjoy his very articulate manner. Though he cut his ‘acting teeth’ in the Australian film industry, he eventually garnered worldwide recognition for his award-winning performance in Gladiator. The mere glance at his image and I can hear…

At my signal, unleash hell…’      Image Hosted by 

Russell refuses to trade on his professional accomplishments by selling goods or making ‘celebrity endorsements’ for various causes. And with classic simplicity, he is direct and plain-spoken about it – ‘…there’s a lot that can be achieved by putting a cheque in the right place and shutting up about it.’ [source: IMDB – Russell Crowe – ‘Personal Quotes’]

 Heath Ledger represents the gutsy Aussie – oh – and a very hot looking gutsy Aussie.  He dropped out of school at 17 and pursued his acting dream. His story was one of struggle to become recognized in his craft, and then after having achieved recognition, a struggle to win roles beyond the ‘hunky teenager’. He took a role in the war film The Patriot – beside the Aussie-raised-American, Mel Gibson. With this role, the recognition came and then the controversy came in his role as ‘Ennis Del Mar’ in Brokeback Mountain. He’s even filled the shoes of the legendary Casanova. But Heath maintains a very clear, very concise reality about his acting career – “I only do this because I’m having fun. The day I stop having fun, I’ll just walk away.” [Vanity Fair – August 2000]. It doesn’t get any better than this… uncomplicated… straightforward… naturally excellent.

Image Hosted by      The gift of a smile from one of these male beauties is as warm as the mid-day summer sun of the Australian outback… A word to the ladies of Australia – count your blessings for the natural beauty in your surroundings … the landscape … the men … big blue skies … the men … Sydney Harbor … the men…the surf worthy waves … the men … pristine beaches…

Did I mention the men?

4 responses to “Those Dandy Down-Under Dudes

  1. Thanks for your comment about these lovely men, especially Travis Fimmel. I was a big fan of his Tarzan show.

    A new marvel from Down Under is starring in the TV show ‘Moonlight’ as a trouble vampire detective: Alex O’Laughlin–check him out on Friday nights ladies!

  2. Lidia –

    Thank you for the kind recognition for Mr. Fimmel. Just announced in the past couple of days – Travis will be doing another pilot entitled ‘Beast’ with American actor Patrick Swayze – of ‘Dirty Dancing’ fame. Please keep your eyes open for any developments.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch – I’ll be checking out ‘Moonlight’ with Mr. O’Laughlin…. thank you for the tip!

    P.S. – Like Mel Gibson – our Lead Writer here – OMC – has jumped between Aussie Land and America through most of his life – he smacks of all the natural qualities of the Australian male. Cheers OMC!!!

  3. Ya’ Reckon’

    G’day! xjmjx! Lovely post indeed! Very well articulated and very, very informative!

    In all sincerity, when Heath first read for the part in The Patriot, he blew his lines so horribly that he just walked off the stage, went home and got blind drunk–or “pissed as a fart” as we say down under.

    Unbeknownst to Heath at that time was that it was Mel who had arranged–privately through agencies–that Heath read. Straight up here…Knock knock! On the door, Heath staggers over to open it and none other Mel is standing there laughing his butt off. Heath wiping the tears away couldn’t believe that 1)Mel Gibson was at his door; 2) Mel asked him to come and re-read…right then!

    The rest is history so we say. However and I must; I loved him and the chemistry of the troup in “A Knight’s Tale” to this day remains one of my all time faves! Yeah, Shannon Sossamyn isn’t bad either!

    Great article….more! Bravo! Brraavvvoooo! Cheers mate!


  4. OMC! – Hi sweetie!!

    Now, this story about Heath and his audition experience provides a great deal of perspective. My research included quotes from Heath reflecting upon his absolute loathing of the audition process and now I know WHY!!!

    Yes, ‘A Knight’s Tale’ was just excellent! I saw this film in the theatre [my schedule usually results in viewing films in the DVD phase] – and I saw it with my younger brother. As he laughed aloud at the scenes of Heath dancing to rock music in a film set in the days of the knighthood, he looked to me and said, ‘This is wrong…this is just so wrong!!!’ – A great Heath film!!!

    Cheers sweetie!!!

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