Now the Other Side…

996106_bjeans-string-posters.jpgHey, I just want to get going here. There seems to be so much to share with such little space; however, that is one of the tenets of this blog: relax, unwind, coffee, tea, wine, or cocktail, get lost in the human form, and check out some photographs. Not a bad way to relax and chill-out.

Anyone remember the piece about “Kissing”? I am happy to say that we have received a massive amount of views, albeit, not very many comments.    1352_b.jpg

How about “3 Reasons I Love Simplicity”? Whew! That little piece runneth over! Again same story and same song…daily there are hordes that come hand have a look yet very few leave a comment.  

And OMG! xjmjx’s “Those Dandy Down Under Dudes” really created a lovely flow of ladies (and gents) coming over to check out those good looking blokes from Oz. I think he set an all time record for views per day with each day exceeding the next.

So what have I learned? Put some male models in and some news about them! It shouldn’t surprise me, yet it does: Right now in fashion, male models are over-the-top! Certainly not the same three or four (you know who they are) we’ve been staring at for years now, right?brendan-connor.jpg Okay I decided to start off with this young, rather good looking–at least to me–man from Aussie. I did have a go at his portfolio and yes he does seem quite versatile.

And just another thing here…my last article, “Fabrics, Fragrances, and Fashion somehow I left out the Fragrances portion or potion. I will do a make up on this portion.

hugh_jackman_navy.jpgPlease allow me to present to you just another young Aussie gentleman: seriously, don’t you think this bloke should ring me up and ask me to list his name? Hey! This Aussie who grew up in England and Cambridge educated needs no introduction; right Hugh? However, if I were a young and upcoming model of either gender I would want my name closely relative to my photo as possible.

Quite openly isn’t this a wonderful way to get one’s photos or even portfolio seen by more, and more potential clientele? Naturally everyone out there has concern about all kinds of unpleasant things. I just want everyone024_aa513_bjeans-girl-posters.jpg to know that what I am doing is placing public photographs of individuals I’ve never met and probably never will…Yet the most important issue for me is art and the human form. 

Therefore the net result is class, dignity, and beauty. I mean seriously, if you’re going to think about things why not make your thoughts focus on great people? Great images? Great fashion? It all makes good sense to me.





2 responses to “Now the Other Side…

  1. Thanks for ‘the other side’ with the male view of male models. Those Aussie ‘lovlies’ just have an aura of natural excellence to them!!! No fussing, no mussing, nothing artificial, words spoken clearly and without pretense… females grow weak knees in the company of a male with these attributes!!!

    The two photos on the bottom of your piece – by Steven Meyer – I have both of those matted [[white mats with a black core] and displayed on ledges in my design studio!! No joke!! Steven has such an amazing approach to photography. He uses an X-ray machine in his development process [and yes, some filters as well] in order to achieve that very delicate and translucent result. His ‘eye’, as it translates to his ‘canvas’ simply amazes me…

    Cheers sweetie! Have a great day!!!

  2. G’day!

    You really have a great take on Aussie blokes. They really are no fuss no muss kind of people–well most at least. They love it, proud of it, and really have no reason to change it. The irony is this: Aussie ladies hate Aussie males! I mean with a passion because of this very notion you mention. Now what Aussie women L-O-V-E are American men. More later.

    As you can tell, I have these memberships in more than several, of these photo representation companies. I think I either got Steven Meyer’s at Comstock, Daniel Wagner, Patrick McMullen (he runs Park Avenue Peerage) or any number of places. I absolutely love Meyers’ shots.

    At the time I procured them I thought then as I do now that they are some of the most unique and gorgeous photos I’ve seen in the “Still Life” category. And thank you very much I always wondered how he got them the way he does–meaning, the treatment.

    One thing to share quickly: I actually embedded one of his photos into a page (just like a watermark) brightened and antiqued it then wrote (typed) over it with other images. I still have it. Somehow WordPress doesn’t allow watermarking on the kind of free account we have so it wouldn’t transfer.

    You walking Stephen King you…good show! Got to bounce here! TTYL!

    You ROCK!

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