Just Couldn’t Stand It!

adirondack_chairs_on_a_dock_pennsylvania.jpgIt seems like it’s been so long since I have posted to this site I feel like I should apologize! Yet, as nice and accommodating as that would be, it’s not really necessary. You see…and anyone who has been here more than once knows that Simpleminds is all about relaxation, downloading from mainstream America, and best by far, is appreciating human form.

I know that lately—perhaps more aptly—in the last three articles I’ve written have carried a sort of black and white, or even lightly opaque images. Don’t have a clue why, it’s just been interesting. I do have some excellent “others” I wish to share; then my passion—versatility!

14528_bstockings-posters.jpgAs for now a couple of black n’ whites I have always admired. The first one is an absolute phenomenon to me; if anyone reading this has a clue as to how and why this model’s stockings stay up—please help me with the secret…cheers!

And just another thing…why oh why are humans so enhanced, enthralled, entranced, or spell-bound by women’s and men’s derrieres? I believe that much could be stated about this extraordinary observable fact. As seriously as I can state to you, I actually have a group of friends who swear that they can tell or accumulate more information about a person from their derrieres than actually talking with them! Personally speaking, when working out in the gym I spend easily one-third of my time on my backside.



Thank you and enjoy! So much more to come.


Just very briefly for now…Did I mention that one of the most important—if not—the most important aspect of being a successful in this business is in how versatile a model can be. Whether her/his interaction with the camera, or photographer, mood, and just plain great choices, look at this adaptability.

165.jpg   maria-ports-61.jpg     mariad2.jpg    modelcitizens_bwfashca03.jpg

These delightful and very versatile shots are compliments of Elmer Olsen (Model) Management; and from IMG Management. From Left to Right: #2 and #3 were taken by Geoff Barrenger, my favorite photographer, and arguably one of the finest in the business today. Oops! Almost forgot…all four above are of the same person.


One response to “Just Couldn’t Stand It!

  1. With the hustle of designing in the midst of the ‘Thanksgiving – Christmas {{{B-L-U-R}}}, visiting here is something akin to floating on an oriental pond in the midst of lilies and lotus flowers…recharging the batteries…finding center again…

    Those stockings – – they have soft elastic woven into the top of the lace – which serves to keep them ‘secure’ on the leg – much like a garter would accomplish. When I design a wedding gown, I love to suggest a pair of these with a sexy white lace thong and bra set as a wonderful form of ‘hidden luxury’ – and such a surprise combo under a wedding gown!!!

    The derriere, when well maintained, says so very much about us! It is indicative of our dedication to total physical care – it speaks to our attention to detail – it adds so much to our personal appeal. So, I quite agree that much can be learned about an individual by evaluating the ‘quality’ of care devoted to the derriere.

    I become positively inspired when I see your newest presentation of black and white – or translucent photos! The various shades of gray – the dark and light – are inspirational! So I say B-R-A-V-O!!!!

    I’m off to the design studio and I will post here with a new piece within a few days…Cheers and have a great week!

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