A Name to a Face?

flower1.jpg When maintaining a Complimentary Blog for folks who may be looking for a particular person albeit, a male model, commercial fashion, beauty tips, what’s hot and what’s not, and most of all, what are the pro’s wearing, (especially shoes!) there is a professional unwritten agreement that acknowledges respect, the maintenance of dignity, and of course the obvious, privacy. (Left: L-Hilary; great demand!)https://simpleminds.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/hilary.jpg

Imagine if you will being behind the scenes at Google; you have the moral and ethical responsibility to maintain a healthy respect for every thing based on any person you see, or are privy to the search statistics. (R-Hilary)

 Although these wonderful folks are legally classified as “public people” and therefore are NOT entitled to various and sundry privacy laws—I nonetheless—will do what is generally accepted by the industry. And folks that is, I will on occasion perhaps mention a person’s first or Christian name for the sake of putting a name to a face.  carolinet1.jpg

Disclaimer: Briefly now…if a person sees their photograph on this site AND would like to have your name associated with the photograph (after all it is you) please feel free to contact me at http://www.myspace.com/modelles. I would be more than happy and accommodating; I believe at the very least the person deserves it. (Right-Caroline)

Setting the record straight—I will either use first name only, OR, no name at all—unless otherwise directed by the person. Here are a couple of reasons for my policies: I have participated on more “I.D.” or “Who is the person in the new Dentyne Ice commercial,” or “Who is this!” boards to understand that there is a huge demand for just finding out who a person may be.

sarah-carter2.jpgAnother and by far more important, is that requests are received that may enhance the employment status of individuals featured. For example: Some agency bookers, even principles, will say: “Find me that person!” So one hunts diligently, finds out who represents them and contacts the agency. You would be shocked at the amount of “other’s” in this business who will not give a name or any portion of the person’s particulars. (At left is Sarah; Co-star on “Shark” simply amazing!)

I for one find this not only to be illegal; but also selfish, immoral, and abhorrent. Here’s why…quick version: Who has the right to restrict a person’s income? There are laws that prohibit this practice—they are mostly referred to as “limits, or limitations placed on an individual’s right to earn money.” bg1.jpg

So predicated upon the statistics received at this, as well as several other sites, I will be featuring those who are in demand and those who are upstarts in the business. And it has been an exciting year. Enjoy!  (Ah yes…on the right is a mystery actress/model seen most recently in organ donor film in Brazil.)

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