A Lady and her Hat

en_vogue_i.jpgen_vogue_i.jpgI always thought it would be an interesting notion to look at fashion—themes, designs, trends, and especially beauty—from the perspective of a chronological timeline or a timeline in history.

In no way am I prepared fully at this time to write any semblance of treatise, dissertation, or book. I just think it would be interesting to start with some images and see the kind of feedback received.kim-c1.jpg

By the way: You folks are NOT very good at the feedback part! I encourage, welcome, and ask for any and all suggestions from you. I know that I am not receiving a lot of comments, but bless you all, I am seeing some magnificent numbers here and I’m so glad you enjoy what you see! (On the right…Kim; one of Simpleminds’ Top 10).

Of course I was amazed at the likeness in hats the two ladies are wearing; however, there is close to a century of difference from the drawing and the photograph. Yet, make no mistake, I was entranced at the likeness of the faces.



Did you know head coverings became symbols of status of authority?  Soon after hats progressed to become not only a uniform, but also an art form. Undoubtedly the person that pops into my mind first is Queen Elizabeth. I heard somewhere where her entourage needed an additional aircraft and an 18-wheel truck and trailer just for her “traveling companions—her hats.”

magnificent-n.jpgHave you ever noticed how a person’s entire demeanor can change with the donning of a hat? Entire outfits change; further, attitudes and personas adjust with the meek becoming almost bold, at times it seems that an entire new creation has awaken!

There is just something very, very special about a lady and her hat. Call it what you like, hmm, sexy, a bit of mystique, chic, very up-market trendy, and definitely vogue. buffalo_trossi_adv_5681.jpg

Okay so having started this article on women and their magnificent hats, I of course, did my level best to look into the timeline of fashion and see how the head-covering evolved through the centuries. There are so many interesting facets about hats (Tatiana at right,photographed by Walter Chin 



One response to “A Lady and her Hat

  1. My attitude completely changes when I don a hat. I hate the spotlight, and hats draw attention, so I’ve only recently started to wear them in public. However, they’re one of my favorite fashion accessories. Today I wore a grey newsboy hat, and I loved it. It kind of generates a bit of an alter ego. 🙂

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