One for One…it’s Fair!

andres-v.jpgToday our purpose is to advance the opportunities that exist in the modeling industry. Further, based on comments received it is time to push forth with information concerning males in the modeling industry. I would like to feature certainly as many male models, as female models; however that depends on just little criteria. (Yep! from you! Oops! Meet Andres on the left.)

Of the first part, I am purposing that for every male model featured, I believe it’s fair to also feature a female model in like kind. Example: Predicated upon A Lady and her Hat  if we are to feature female top coats for instance, then depending on the availability of males modeling top coats, then there would be the same number of models male and female.

Furthermore, I think that as time progresses and our audience continues to grow—thank you—then perhaps we should look for dedication pages. If one has ever been to say…The Fashion Spot (tfs) which I am a member, one can see the awesome interaction between members and models alike.freedom1.jpg

As soon as a new, promising up-start begins in the business, tfs membership immediately start posting and critiquing new images before someone says, We need a thread just for her or him.” And you guessed it from here…the next thing that happens is that the aforementioned new, promising up-start model joins right in the conversation. (r-Liberty)

This scenario is a phenomenon! Moreover, it occurs more often than one would imagine. I have indeed met some very nice folks over at The Fashion Spot (tfs) from members to models and this is for spot on certainty: tfs is as well maintained, cutting edge, and dedicated as they come. I still feel that my membership is a privilege.

23001cindy-and-company-posters.jpgAnd the people! Goodness talk about Id’ers; In the past I have tried to stay loose and around those sites who have the most difficult models to identify. On more than one occasion whilst waiting patiently for a booker, or creative director to get back to me with a confirmation, many times someone from tfs will pop on over and Id heaps of unknowns. (r-Cindy, Christie, can you get the rest? Photo by Herb Ritts.)

Yet, we wouldn’t be worth our salt here if we did not respond in kind as well. There have been many, many times that a fellow member will come asking where I normally stay abreast of all things fashion, and we all go above and beyond the call to assist by using inside help or contacts.

And finally for today…no photograph, model, or otherwise will ever be exploited at this site…full stop! dng-men.jpgSimpleminds is far too relaxing and in awe of God’s handiwork in his creation to ever do otherwise. Again, first name only on models (if known) and full photographer credit always (that too if known).

So please! Puleeze! Your comments and feedback are going to be what drives Simpleminds!   Cheers!


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