Just a bit of both!

david-g-dng.jpgIn keeping with our new fairness doctrine of equality (if the terms exist) today’s feature brings together some of the worlds most renowned names, faces, advertising, and stunning gorgeousness!  Although I really must admit that this undertaking is a bit more  extensive than I originally thought. (At left is David.)

 Hey! I’m not complaining by any stretch of the imagination! May it never be! Seriously, who for an occupation gets to assess, evaluate, and concur on models’ looks and look with a little whittle glass at their portfolios? No, nope, no complaints here. (Of course that’s Jamie to the right.)

The difficulty is in the fairness doctrine. I try to line up product for product—advertisement to advertisement, and believe me, it is a rather difficult thing to do. Men definitely model, especially in tosh-y.jpg Fall/Winter, different clothes, accessories, and hair products than the ladies do. (That’s Tosh at left)

Not to be misunderstood, if all I intended on doing was say, become a figleaves.com* and feature female and male under clothes, underwear, or lingerie that’s one thing. Not a bad place to be in—especially if you like seeing men in their underwear. (Popular Brent is at right.)


Yet as far over-the-top fashion of fabrics, hang, drape, fall, and lines is concerned the industry is far ahead with singling out women’s clothes than mens. If there is one single truth I have learned in the last year or so, is that designers, creative directors, and the like tend to dress men with more baggage than they’re going to wear that night—or even that week. 

 kim-c3.jpg  Below and left is God’s gorgeous creation, Kim, yep, she’s from Canada!  



*Figleaves is without question one of, if not the best, and finest online under-everything retailing company.





2 responses to “Just a bit of both!

  1. Dear Entertainment News:

    Thank you very much for such an inspiring comment! After visiting your site, I am reminded just how far there is to go. Kudos, Cheers!


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