Zjust Zoe!

zoe7_redo2.jpgWell my friends, learned colleagues, fellow fashionstas, lens professionals, and for all the rest of us folks who are enamored by the designs, majesty, magnetic movements, and of course, models, this is one of those share times when one gets a sense of presenting a gift. What do I have, or will ever have, that will ever compare to this?

Please meet Zoe, if for some gawd-forsaken reason you haven’t already. People like Zoe make me wonder how on earth can a person not believe in God? And folks, I’m serious! I am positive that anyone claiming to be atheist has never stopped, and just listened to the wind rustling through leaves, or actually held a snowflake, or never, ever has seen anything remotely as stunning as Zoe.


Here’s the gig: I remember when she broke into the business (I think); she imbued a sense of confidence, yet, an innocence that is so common to those who get internationally famous and are from Canada. And I am no different than anyone else—hmm thinking—this lady is definitely destined for greatness. I mean it doesn’t take an Elmer Olsen, Chantal Nadeau, or Ford Model Management, or IMG to recognize she is definitely the It Girl, only as far as I know she’s not like Lohan, Paris Hilton, or any person claiming to be a whole lot that they are not.


Anyone who’s been around Simpleminds knows that we are about appreciating humility with integrity, dignity, and good moral and ethical sense. And I believe that is what originally caught my eye when I saw her like in 2001, I think anyway.

Moreover, anyone who has visited this site knows that we are NOT about exploitation or any thing else with the exception of doing our level best to assist in the careers of those folks who make their living in the industry. So once again, if you see yourself on this site, please feel honored and special; and getting some free advertising to boot!zoe6_redo.jpg

And hey! I’m glad I could introduce you to one of God’s finest!  Cheers!!

Sorry, just one more thing…I have forever been downsizing the photographs here at Simpleminds for some reason I thought I had spatial issues; but, no more! It is just not right




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