Potpourri for 100 please Alex…

white_milano_corset.jpgmlimg_00023.jpgEvery now and again I feel that there is so much beauty around me that I think I’m just going to bust wide-open! Like I read this quote today:

Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows a person who he should be. …Anton Chekhov 

And then I think of those who I have experienced from time-to-time albeit, through friendships, close relationships, intimacy, and sometimes I think the deepest love that a person can endure and I agree, this is how we should be.

You know that part of you that gets so infatuated with another person? Seriously those times when we all think nothing could ever be or get better? Like when we listen to the radio and we swear that just about every love song was written with us in mind. Do you remember?

Or how about the term passion? Have you ever been around a person—say doing lunch, cocktails, or coffee—and it was hard getting your breath? Then whey you spoke, nothing and I mean nothing that we intended to say even came out as we’d planned?


Have you ever been so smitten that you trembled during that overly anticipated first kiss? Only to break to exhale and dive right back in for the real thing? Have you ever been so lost in someone’s kiss that you wouldn’t notice if you’d been shot, stabbed, or even run over by a car? Just so totally lost in the moment?

As for the post today I, as always, will do my level best to credit those gorgeous people of the world, and the photographers who work unbelievable magic! Again, I do this for fun; no bux, nada, nil, not, zilch, just simple pleasure for a very Simplemind. 

As for me, I think that the trendy and exquisite lady to the left, Ms.Cuthbert, is truly on fire these days. I don’t know how she feels about it, but I think the sky is the limit for her. 

And of course, although I added a photo of Zoe just below this post (lower right corner) I just thought we’d all enjoy her again, in the same editorial. Ladies list:  Clockwise from left: Fanny C., Jovava, (anyone remember her in Miss Money?) Zoe, and of course, The Divine Ms.C.  cuthbert12jpg.jpg zoe.jpg

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