What They Must Go-Thru!

frascati3.jpgI was recently just hopping along from favorite blog to agency, back to blogs then back to agencies. As for me, I find that it’s a bit easier to keep ‘on the modeling pulse’ as it were. Yet, for some reason the other day I came across a blog that didn’t say anything about the models with the exception of  how difficult and rude most models are. Needless to say, I was rope-able!

That type of very unflattering blog bothers me and I’m not afraid to admit it. I guess I’m from the real old-school that affirms this notion: ‘If you don’t have something nice to say…’ maybe one ought to just keep their big traps shut!

darla1.jpgAnother old-school cliché that I love: ‘Unless you’ve walked in their shoes…’ then very simply hush up! I maintain a couple of blogs simply out of the love of writing; and therefore, sharing. On one side of me is this very sort of academia nut and I write about those issues; however, when it comes to Simpleminds, this is for total relaxation. 

Now for what this blog is about: Creation, beauty, versatility, success stories, love, kissing, hugging, and generally saying some very nice things to and about people who have earned their kudos. So I’d like to take a moment to mention such accolades as persistence, perseverance, drive, and harder work than most of us will never know.

Coca Rocha, for example, is one of those individuals that personify believing in oneself, driven, and really able to persevere. She’d never remember, but not too long ago I was with a photographer friend up in NYC before coco1.jpgshe became Ms. Coco Rocha and after walking in a show for free, sat down with us for some shots. Talk about being adorable and nice! To me, she was just a girl thinking of a modeling career and doing what needed to be done. Ms. Rocha was in that just trying to get recognized stage so asking her to sit for some shots was her delight!  It’s really hard for me now to look at her and how much she has matured and blossomed.

That same day we did shots of Allie Rizzo, Jessica Stam, Marla Boehr, and now I feel like I’m name dropping—but please believe me, I’m not! These very, very young ladies were with their parents and/or the folks that represent them.

The point for me to make is as follows: I have never known such a great, hard working, and genuine group of allie.jpgpeople in any profession. Understandably those who are working their way up are going to be really nice. However, even after a days work—a 12-hour shoot, interview, change in the limo or car, these professionals have never stopped going out of their way for me. And that’s the God’s truth.

Of course I try to be perceptive, it doesn’t take much when one realizes—these stunner’s have been in how many outfits that day? Goodness, you’d think everyone got an All Access pass backstage for these shows with the ladies wearing, at times, very little! Then when you get ready to wrap the season, sitting in a bath robe, hair all everywhere, having make up put on with four different people working on you at the same time, I don’t think it’s rude to put one’s hand in front of a live camera or ask someone to please go away.

erin.jpgIt is very unfortunate that someone the likes of says 18 years, upwards of 25 years of age would need to say, “Hey! Mr. Dick Head, I’m tired, cranky, and my feet are killing me! Yet to this day, every single person I’ve met in the fashion industry has gone out of there way for me. Cheers!



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