Well, that was anything but easy—nah, only joking! Here at Simpleminds we get a lot of requests for male models–especially those ‘hunks’ scantly clad in their undies. I have no problem at all with demand, in fact, that is the notion that drives the majority of this site; as long as it is relaxing and one can chill or stare, or put music on and buzz by for a peek.

I do however want to share with you the number one request, most searched for model from just about around the world. I have been in awe of this person since she broke through, yet, I never in my wildest dreams thought that she’d get as big and in so much demand…Hilary hilary-r.jpgRhoda! Go ahead take your bow…

And I think it’s rather obvious where my head is at. The gleaming kiss. Who knew that the simple act of lip touching could be so sacred? There are times—and I think the most pleasurable—is when the lips are not touching…only the sweet air between each others partially moist exploring lips, ever so slowly almost sneaking in… 

kissrun.jpg Anticipation…oh! Sometimes the anticipatory kiss, the luring kiss, the hauntingly hovering kiss can be breathtaking. Have you ever wanted to kiss someone sooo bad that you heald your breath? Only to discover that the person you’re kissing had been waiting longer than you for that exact same kiss?

So when you both came up for air…exhaling and somehow forcing out with baded breath…”more, just got to have me some more of that!”  Kissing is no run of the mill endevour and should never be treated as such. Ewww! Kissing without passion may as well be with…oh you get my point! Seriously, even that little peck before leaving can be as sensual as~~tats.jpg

As you know, Sven has been featured on our site before; but, what can you say, the guy’s dng1.jpggifted with a great body of course great looks, and the goods to boot.

However, on the right is the magnificently tantalizing Tatyana who has not been featured before this posting. She’s been a long time favorite of mine and I’ll do my best to get some more of her up here.




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