Where Were They All Before…part II

000000022322-adi_neumann-fullsize.jpgThis is just one of those ‘little’ bits where I have some more photographs of these Israeli ladies maybe even a couple of others I want to share; let’s call this an interim post.

Of course the awesome Adi just to the left. She commands her own breath-taking beauty. Much the same as Bar R. just to the right:bar-rafaeli3.jpg

 Yes! I know that it is a small photo of her but remember, just hover your mouse of the pic and it should be full size! I am going to attempt to put this next photo in the middle but who knows? It’s Esti. Okay then, so much for absolute middle. I’ll try again. That’s better but I’m not sure where the text is going to end up; but, so far so good.  And the of course there is one of the most recognizable faces ever to come out of Israel.        

For some reason when ever I put a photograph in the middle of the page the hard way then it seems to not be able to word wrap; like esti3.jpgthis particular time the first Esti (C) I placed in with the centering icon. The second Esti(R) I actually aligned the pic to the right but it won’t stick. So for right now that’s fine liel-denir.jpg.esti2.jpgimages1035981_barrafaeli2a.jpg

bar.jpgYep! I do wonder as if I didn’t already know…”Which nation are they going to do next?” Well that is the easiest part of all! There are so, so many beautiful women and they are literally all over the world! (By the way…does the lady on the left need an introduction?) Brazil  Czechoslovakia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, with of course, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, heck, all of the Baltic nations, the list goes on and on and then some (Did I mention Poland?). Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve barely scratched the surface of this magnificent planet we live on; the real problem is who to pick from those very nations.

So when I say…like, Australia, where does one start? I think you see my point. Up to this point I have given by far the most attention to Canada; the models—moreover, the people in Canada are lovely indeed!

However, I have also been treated so wonderfully by just about all of the Canadian agencies—who have literally done a lot for me and our up-and-coming placement agency. natalie-portman-6.jpg Nope, for this week we’re featuring these stunning ladies from Israel! When most think of Israel, ‘fashion models’ are not the first thing that comes to mind.

Consequently, after a quick read adi.jpghere and a lot of that will change.  Starting in the upper left is one of the quickest rising stars in the business; if not one of the most sought after.; And I dare say it has anything to do with her boyfriend, oh contraire! Quite the opposite really. She is of course, ‘Bar’ and though some Brazilians may take issue, Bar was born in Israel; Bar is also at mid-top right. And this awesome stunner immediately to the left is of course the one, the only, Adi N.

Adi has been around for a little while, well, at least for me! There is something about being brunette with adi3.jpgbrilliant blue eyes! And of course that is not all. Outside of doing swimwear, sportswear, haute couture, and big name everything wear, she of course is in the high demand area for jeans. Perhaps the two huge demand models from Israel right now for everything from lingerie to formal wear to beach wear to nothing wear are both very young and just about as opposite as two people can be. I’ll try and illustrate what I mean. msesti.jpg Immediately to the left is Esti G. who has been tearing up the modeling scene since middle school I think! Moreover, the folks she works with that is, photographer, creative director, and assistants all have various ideas for her modeling and especially her posing.  I have seen Esti in her infamous ‘dove yielding’ advertorial and her cosmetics ads with that skin that could illuminate everything within miles. Yet, what’s suprised me most of late is the amount of covers she’s been doing.

And certainly not to bore anyone who is attempting to read this little expose, absolutely nothing could sayliel2.jpg anything about Israeli modeling quite the same as Leil can and does. For me, very much like Adi, she is the quintessential model in every way…damn near perfect. Her eyes are ever so piercing in a great way.Just looking at her work brings (for me) an entirely new concept, dimension, and appreciation for females. I don’t want to sound the least like I’m patronizing Liel. Oh contraire! She imbues the ‘mystery’ that so many great writer’s have written about–it’s like she is aware of things around her that nobody else is. Now, who can take a normal Tee-shirt and cut it all up and to hell and make it look this great? 

 Please don’t forget to hover with mouse over photgraph!


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