Where were they ALL before, Part III

catrinel-4.jpgReally there is nothing to worry about…I’ll be back just as soon as possible. We all must remember that there are a lot of nations on our planet and within each one of those nations there are an amazing number of lovely ladies.

I may have to change format insofar as who do you think the most outstanding ladies as a whole are from? Interesting question. One could certainly argue Brazil; then again, one could certainly put forth a very, very strong case for Czechoslovakia. But what about Germany? England? United States?


Simpleminds was created for the sole intention of kicking back and relaxing; something that would keep our minds occupied with issues and industry that most have very little knowledge about. What better way to really kick-it than maybe a coffee-drink, great music, talking fashion, and looking at the feminine form? At any rate by the time we are done with the ‘Ladies of the World’ and where did they all come from? We’ll have plenty of time for voting. Anyway let’s look at ROMANIANS!!

Simpleminds was furthermore created to educate people on the idea that the feminine form ought to be appreciated as God’s most excellent creation. And as such should be presented as uniquely and intriguingly as possible. We don’t condone anything that would do anything other than bring great accounts, publicity, and further the models’ careers. mlaviniabirladeanu.jpgWe do not believe in exploitation or the publishing of photographs for any other means than appreciation and respect.   

And that my friend’s is why Simpleminds exists today. This site has never used any photograph that has not been publicly offered and in good taste. Indeed, we are trying to broaden the knowledge of our readers in the appreciation of fashion: design, beauty, health, and various editorials or advertorials, to accomplish this goal. What else can I say? I put the ‘clapper in as a way to introduce the magnificent Alina (below) and here is where we are at. So what?   



alina12.jpg      I dearly hope you’ve enjoyed relaxing with me today, now for the real hard earned credits: Top Left: Catrinela, Catrinela again in the gorgeous lace formal wear, looks Victorian to me, but I’d have to get that one verified.   Of course the blonde stunner in the faux fur with lovely scarf is Lavinia, as is the middle photograph (no name); just look at that photograph…there are three Lavinia’s in it! Immediately to the right is the one, the only, the alluringly spectacular Alina, as with the lower lelt. I feel that the nude should stand alone on her own.      







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