Cut! Tryin’ Something New

esti_ginz_1.jpgThis is a unique experiment. We, as you can tell, decided to change our look. And did we ever! So for this post I am trying some new things with colors, grayscale, and other image shifting, sizing, and the works.
I am going to use a fair bit of black and white and try and blend them in with some pastels and other softer colors.

As long as I’m using models, actors, and other beautiful items of God’s creation, I don’t really think it’s going to be that difficult.

So here goes! Actually by the time I’m done I hope to have a graduating sense of black, gray, pastel, and moving of course to some rather bold and loud colors but as always in good taste.

You know some of this can be really demanding insofar as at Simpleminds, we always do our level best to bring artistic combinations of beauty, glamour, couture, and at times with a little edginess.

So a couple of posts back I mention during the ‘Ladies from Israel’ that there existed this unique and at least in the Middle East a rather well-known photo I refer to as ‘Releasing the Dove’? Well there it is over to the left and up with Esti.  Unknown to most the photograph on the left is without question, hands down the most sought after photograph here at Simpleminds. Without question there are more ‘hits’ for this photograph than almost all others combined. As for me, I congratulate these two lovelies, both top 25 “Most Desired” and most actively working models. Brrraaavvvvooooo! Ladies!!



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