How Can a Kiss Ever Become Mundane?

the-kiss1.jpgAnd Lord have mercy, please let me never experience a day when that ‘kiss’ is from my best friend, friend, acquaintance, or the one who shares the marvelous magic of when two lover’s are joined lip to lip ever become mundane.

It’s not like I go around 24/7 thinking about kissing; well, maybe 20/7 because so much can be learned, enjoyed, enhanced, enthralled, and ecstaticized, that the entirety of life changes with something so innocent as the sweet touch of the lips.a-kiss-part-deux.jpg

In reality I don’t care when it is either…before work when my loved one is still dozing peacefully in our bed; or if its early morning after a night of pure unadulterated raging, dancing, romancing, somehow when we kiss another person some kind of magic happens, it’s some kind of wonderful!

kisspix2.jpgWho can really explain this delicious dessert? How could anyone explain that just the thought of kissing someone after dinner out, or meeting up at the café for coffee and sweets, which makes my heart pound as though it’s coming through my chest? People! We are talking about the thought’ of kissing.

Who could possibly understand what the hell is going on when we meet that ‘someone’ we know we just long to kiss? Some call it ‘chemistry;’ others, believe it the pheromones. Assweet-kiss.jpg for me, a kiss is so divine, so impeccably perfect that if it’s all the same—I’d just as soon be lost in “that place” where I think it is just a slice of heaven that nothing can disturberate! I am sure that practicing is quite okay…don’t you? 10449_t2.jpg

And far be it from me…but what is ‘IT’ that makes two ladies kissing so over-the-top gorgeous and sexy?


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