Second Kiss BETTER than the first?

2008_03_10_love_ice1.jpgThis is an entire new effort insofar as a couple of things caught my mind the last time we visited the true sentiment of KISSINGOne, I never really looked at it this way before, but I may have some kind of kissing hang-up or fetish; or perhaps the more accurate, there is not too much more I can possibly think of that is more simple, steamy, sexy, tasty, and outright wholesome than a simple KISS.

Far be it from me, so let’s just look at the master’s:  This is of course from the famous Rodin’s The Kiss actually completed in 1888 in it’srodins-the-kiss.jpg rudimentary form a small relief of porcelain. Please see Rodin’s (pronounced ro-dan) mini bio here.

Now then I have never been an advocate for using any of the Wiki’s as valid source citations for academic research; therefore, I just recommended this Wiki site insofar as it does contain some reasonable dates, facts, and insights into this incredible artist’s life. It is a short read and anyone with any culture or is desirous of learning some absolutely magnificent issues, please then, this is a must read.

So please, don’t mind me, I just have this academic integrity thing after years of educating; and if your teachers or professors do not want you using Wikipedia, then don’t!  However, on the other hand, at a different cite I learned that Rodin intentionally neverintoit.jpg has the lovers lips meet! I know I’ve written on this before vis-a-vie the erotic nature of the ‘close as possible without actually touching, pre-kiss’ either as a base for anticipation growing, or another way of looking at this would be to wonder if these two were interrupted?

_resized.jpgAnd then again we must take time for any and all practice we can get, don’t you think? There are so many ways of getting that much needed practice makes perfect’ style that makes for so much delight.

Just look at this beautiful model on the left who is engaging is the simple act of eating. Damn! No…double damn!! What a way to perfect tongue technique and not only for kissing! (At left is Emily.)

Now for a weekly montage—nothing in any specific order, just some delightful depictions along the way. Oops! Sorry again, my bad here. We will be getting back to our perusal of the fantastic feminine form by country soon. So if my friends in Brazil and Czechoslovakia and Poland, and of course the Scandinavia’s can enjoy the kissing of the moment, I say “Thank you.” (bottom right: only April could wear that dress!)

images.jpg                                 kissing_just-the-one.jpg





One response to “Second Kiss BETTER than the first?

  1. To Onemorecup,
    Just checking out this link you made from It is my curious way of prolonging the pleasure of our meeting while getting to know you better. Is that another self portrait above with the ice? It is a hot picture but when I look at it me thinks I am melting faster than the ice.
    Fondly, John Sykes (1madman) 7/13/08

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