Where Have they All Been…

caroline5_resized.jpgThose beautiful Brits! I am not sure if there is any place on earth that has the unmitigated distinction of producing the ‘complete lady’ like the British. Just a teeny tiny bit of history from across the pond…

During the 1920-30s when Hollywood first got the film rolling, stardom, in those days was completely different than it is perceived today. Suffice it to state that ‘celebrity’ is no where near stardom.

Nonetheless, as Hollywood began literally hand-cranking the films out soon became kate_resized.jpginstant recognition, and with that new found blessing or curse, the new star was heralded with luxury, red carpets, Rolls Royce’s, jewelry, and a lifestyle that was as foreign to them as Egypt.

Long story short, the American actors and actresses, although very versed in acting, there was indeed one thing they didn’t know to do, and no director around to tell them how to dazzle with manners, decorum, or even set a table properly in their newly built castles. Oh no! Entertaining in Hollywood or Beverly Hills without so much as a Texan or Illinois up-bringing. We are talking ‘crisis in Tinseltown!’

lily-donaldson41.jpgImmediately those newly crowned stars made journeys to the United Kingdom for ‘Lessons in Proper-ness’ or ‘The How-To Guide’ of being a cultured, polite, sweet, proper, tea-time at two o’clock drinking matrons that got it right only by the training of the staff’s they’d hired in England.

So other than Russia, Canada, or Israel, many of the real trailblazers—Queens, models, lily-d.jpgthe quintessential lady who knows how to be gorgeous, fashionable, spot on, and dead right for every occasion with impeccable manners and classy of the classiest let them all be British! 

What possibly could be stated about so many who have held the title of ‘Supermodel’ so proudly and for so long? The irony would have it that twiggy2.jpg‘Twiggy’ who, at a staggeringly young age became one of the worlds first and real pop princesses. Understanding ‘Twiggy’ would be at parody with something like, the iPod. 

This is one lady who literally changed the way a world looked at fashion, glamour, beauty, simplicity, and style. Up and to the left is my ALL TIME fave from England, the gorgeous goddess Caroline. And of course clockwise from Caroline, is the magnificent Ms. Kate Moss. Just below Kate is of course one of Britain’s newest wonders, Lady Lily, who is a phenomena.

kate_beckinsale12jpg.jpgHopefully I will be able to feature a few more but first: Perhaps England’s greatest ever fashion model, Ms. Kate Moss. (At top right.) And on the left, does she need an introduction? She’s Kate Beckinsale! chocostraw.jpg

I have decided that to feature most Nations’ ladies is going to take more than one posting…I know I owe Russia and Israel more; and the classy ladies of Britian as well…until next time!

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