Back to those Brits!

lily_cole-fullsize_resize.jpg As I was saying in the last post, in today’s fashion world and the sophistication of today’s models it is nearly impossible to try and put even the well-known models on one page; let alone someone like Kate Moss or Caroline Salisbury who could have pages upon pages on being a supermodel. Just upper left is one of the hugely successful British models headed for super stardom–Lilly Cole.

Incidentally I do not pass around with any grain of salt. As for me, outside of the stunning glamour models, the sheer lines of the parts models, and of course, the bountiful beauty models, only the few and very far between ever really reach what I call a supermodel. Yet if there is, have a look at the sexiest woman alive–Liberty Ross at lower left.


This is a very, very rare title that is only granted to the few who actually rise tolizzy_jagger-fit_resized.jpg this stature. Every designer, artist, make-up person, cosmetic company, perfume company, textile manufacturer, lingerie company, and certainly not limited too the likes of Madison or Park Avenue. On right famous Lizzy Jagger; yep, of course she’s related to the Rolling Stones’, Mick.

Entering into the realm of the supermodel must be a life…you call it whatever; I’ll call it: Beyond exciting, never a dull moment, flirtatious, fun, harder than hell, yet worth every quid of it, pampered, and yet seemingly never alone, but at times lonely. I believe that the life they live is perhaps harder and more difficult than just about any other profession on earth. The stunning Rosie Huntington-Whietley at lower left (in lavish lingerie).


However, just like everything else on our great planet again various cultures and the industry folks within those societies seem to allow the bar of real supermodel-dom to go lower and lower and lower, for them.

Let me ask this question: How long has Kate Moss been on top? If we go beyond the obvious and look to what sherosie-huntington-whiteley25resized.jpg has endured during her tenure as a model, I am positive that I, like anyone else would have been crushed and flattened under the pressure.

There is just something about British girls; perhaps, for most of us, that same sort of mystique that hoversdaisy_resized.jpg over say, the world famous elite Brazilian bomb shells, or the great German’s, or whew! Wait until we get to Spain! Each one of these aforementioned countries certainly brings their presents to the party!

Yet again, we will get to them…as long as I’m alive; but who can compete with  Frankie Rayder? There is a combination that is the best and brightest, Lizzy and Frankie. 


Deadly! Do you see the stunning, drop-dead lady just to the right? She is indeed perhaps the world’s best known step-daughter, Daisy, Gwen Stefani’s step and Gavin’s daughter. As a total compliment………..she reminds me of a young Liberty Ross; except that Daisy is a lot sexier! Every photo I’ve seen of her just drips with her sexiness!



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