The Beautiful Bulgarians!

Just Maria R.Southeastern Europe: You know the entire area-Romania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, and Hungary-have this mysticism about them. Bulgaria is right up there at the top.

For a Westerner who has been raised on everything stereotypical southeastern Europe, from gorgeously stunning gypsies with their seemingly dark, deep-set eyes.

Add to that the mysteriously vanishing ‘vampirela’s’ with the bright, long fangs just waiting to suck your blood out; needless to say, there are a couple of yea’s in this scenario, buy mostly just a lot of nay’s made up.

Yet please don’t get me wrong here…there is a clairvoyant quality about these models that I’m positive keeps not only the photographer bedazzled, but also the folks who admire these Bulgarian beauties. 


Seriously, can anyone explain to me or any of my friends why thereTeodora appears to be an Aura above and around Teodora, who is at right?

Yet, as mysteriously sexy creatures they seem to be, there is always that other side of a woman that just seems as sweet and innocent as anyone could be.                     

You betcha, all shapes, sizes, and a mystique all of their own, I’m sure that each one of these ravishingly radiant ladies has a caldron or two!  Just ask Silvia, don’t let the hat fool you!     

Yet somehow I am not sure if I will ever look a lovely lady like either Silvia to the left, or Teodora to the right, directly into the eyes!

 And hopefully for this installment anyway, two of my favorite photographs of all time: One is of Silvia R. on the bottom right and the other is of course,  is Tania I. on the left. 

There are so many talented and huge supermodels to come out of Bulgaria it’s not all too easy to confine all of them to one page. However, I must say this with my entire knowledge and a lot of information gathering in preparation for this article: Bulgaria is much like Canada with it’s new and up-coming talent. ENJOY!


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