OMG! It’s the Colombian’s!

In this very small offering of the gorgeous and heavenly ladies of Colombia my aim is to feature a couple of the ‘longer’ established ligitimate ‘super’s’ to the lesser known, and of course, the ladies who are indeed putting their nation back on the map! 

One of the great happenings about featuring up-and-coming younger models in their pursuit to become like their ‘Icons’ the far more established and well-known Supermodels is the amount that I am able to learn about each of the nations that I feature.

The amount of material I have known about the United Kingdom-well all of my ancestor’s are located there-and the more I learned about Bulgaria just by taking the time to look-up some sources has been very, very rewarding. Whoever on the planet Earth dreamt up this idea that American’s are stuffy and don’t care about the other nations in the world, obviously never really ‘knew’ any real American worth their salt!

I make no qualms whatsoever, but all of the American’s I know are literally entranced, moreover, enthralled about countries other than their own. No bull here gang; American’s are far more interested in the nations of south eastern Europe, Africa, and especially Brazil and all of South America than anything in America.

So with the love  C-O-L-O-M-B-I-A-N-S they have shown us, I have had the opportunity to actually live (not visit!) in Cali, Columbia. When I was there it was strongly alleged that the most beautiful women in the world came from Cali. I was treated with dignity, respect, and here’s a hint for all traveling Americano’s: Learn the language of your host country!

Simply trying to speak the Spanish I learned through 8-years of schooling growing up in Southern California with them afforded me more opportunities than the run of the mill tourist.  Oh yeah, there were snickers from the ‘little ones’ and every now and again, the adults would smile politely if not laugh insofar as my accent, case, structure, grammar, and syntax were at times-terrible, nonetheless, I was in there trying my best!

And they knew that! They were far more interested in speaking English than Columbian Spanish, and I was far more interested in chatting with my friends in Spanish…suffice it to say we all managed wonderfully.

Models featured this issue are clockwise from left: Jenny, Karen, Sofia, and Tatiana.

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