Mid-week Madness!

caroline1aI am really excited about how this model by country feature is going. Of course without the help and assistance from my friends over at The Fashion Model Directory I would be seriously, if not completely handicapped.

At FMD they feature what is referred to as “the largest model database on the Internet” and I have no question whatsoever that they do. They also have some very, very cool moderators too! If you need to identify a model, or we’ve all done this one: “Where have I seen her before?!” Then sure enough you’re ready for FMD!

I also want to give a shout out to my mates and colleagues over at bwgreyscale.com. This site has been around for years and is well-established and very, very fair. The index of editorial scans is simply unparalleled as is the majority of the index of advertisers. When it comes to classy sites like bwgreyscale.com  one is in awe of the expert Id’ers that have been there-internationally-for years.

Okay then…onward and upward as they say to: Mid-Week Madness! We have been featuring a theme of “Where have they all Been,” of course with reference to these lovely and highly dignified models that are featured with where they are originally born. That story of “Where have they been…” is a post in itself and maybe later.

Yet I came into some holiday time and have been wanting to go with thisMid-Week Madness! Theme since we began. So here goes: Everyone who’s ever had a website, blog, or BB out there knows that various and sundry requests come in; moreover, when one looks at the ‘search engine’ analytics, various names are sought more than others.

My hope here is two fold: (1) To allow agents, management, and especially the models that they are getting a lot of demand here; and (2) For the folks who are eagerly searching for their favorite models.

It could take at least a full year of weekly posting to feature only a small portion of Brazil’s greatest natural resources-the country’s models; and like Alesandra Ambrosio says, “Everyone in Brasil (my country) is like this-I am just an ordinary girl and there are so many better than me…” Hummmm!

So here goes…the number one most sought after female model for March and April 08′ is Caroline Trentini.

Certainly for me the phenomenon that accompanies Ms. Trentini is in the notion that most of the photographs seen here are when she was anywhere from 18 to 20 years of age. That of course is the easy part; how she has handled her success, fame, and stardom are to be envied!

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