End Week Madness!

Well folks I, believe it or not don’t have all that much to say this week. I need a bit of downloading and ‘me time’ for relaxing.

And as you all know just too well, relaxing for me always requires the magnificent assistance of God’s greatest creation…ladies.

So join in please, have an eye-full of how He out did well, himself.  

Sort of got myself into this black and white photography thing for now.

I really don’t know precisely what it is…seriously, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

However, there are some qualities about a black and white that seen any other way would not have the same impact.

And of course, the same holds true for the other side as well. Color photography does the exact same thing with the exact same effect or affect however the shot grabs you.

Yet this much I do know there are some photographs that just wouldn’t like right in color or the others in b&w. Go figure…it really gives me a brain massage, but not now…enjoying this too much right now.


Well I hope you’re enjoying this, I just have but a few more to go…the following photographs are for the pleasure of human form! 

I believe the photo in the middle (bottom) of this page is perhaps the best way one could ever describe the affects of black, white, and color. ENJOY!!

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