Hey! And welcome (back) to Simpleminds! We like to do things easy around here, so if you want to read, join in a cup of coffee or tea, of course, or a brew, or even spirits we don’t mind. We just want you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Whew! Thanks for joining in on our ‘Mid-Week Madness and the End-Week Madness’ it sure helped to make some preparations for the stunningly awesome Argentinean’s!

Seriously, whilst putting this little piece together I was flat overwhelmed by the magnificence not only of the Nation, I mean it is more diverse than the U.S.A., meaning mountains, hills, miles and miles of beaches, rainforests, desert, cowboys, and beef and more beef. 

I’ve got to admit however, that I was caught off guard by the overwhelming amount and successes of the gorgeous, luscious ladies from the southern hemisphere. What caught me off guard, was that for years-get this-years I’ve been admiring the work, glamour, presence, and just as classy as anyone can come.

Argentina has had a long and quite lively tenure in fashion modeling. In fact there are so many notable ladies that we’ve decided to offer this in two installments:

One, the first installment will feature some of the more tenured ladies who really not only make their mark on the modeling world, but as I saw them on cover after cover it dawned on me that there must be an endless supply.

Two, the second installment, hopefully very soon to follow will feature some of the sizzling sensations that are following so remarkably in their mentor’s footsteps.

So there’s the plan…hope you enjoy!!



Models from top clockwise: Top: Valeria Mazza, Daniela Urzi (sitting) Carolina Ardohain, Vivana Greco, and the most photographed woman in the world, Yamalia Diaz Rahi.


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