Argentina II

As I had stated in the previous article, there are far too many ‘legends’ and legitimate ‘Supermodels’ that have come from Argentine beginnings. Seriously, to try and put four or five images up-even at one shot per model-simply won’t cut it.

So for this installment, as promised, we look to explore not just the legends, but also those up and coming models that have already made their presence well-known.

 Here’s how it’s been for me lately…”I didn’t know that she is from Argentina!” And then the proverbial, ‘OMG, have you seen so-and-so? Yep she’s from Argentina too.”

Then again I’m one of those give credit where credit is due types. And although some of my faves have come from there…preparing for this article just opened my eyes so much wider!


 This could get dicey…but here’s my effort: At top left is Celeste Munge, clockwise is Florencia Fabiano, Yesica Toscanini (middle) Romina Lanaro, Ines Riverio (Red) new comer, Andrea Burstein, and Pampita!


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