It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to just kick-it; you know, leave the ‘themes’ behind and just put up pictures as one will. Any person whose visited this site before knows quite well that what we do here is promotion.

That is it; the long and short of it goes something like this…Simpleminds has always been a site for relaxation. The contributors, main writers, and editor-in-chief came to an agreement that as far as the planet Earth was concerned, the single one entity that we all believe is that the female form is God’s Greatest Work.

If one were to just have a look at the sidebar –> just about all of those sites in one way, fashion, form, or another promote those who are in an extremely tough business, that at times, can be simply heartless, whilst at other times, for those who are making cab fare and enough to rub shoulders with true megamodels that in and of itself spells ‘success’ to some.

Therefore, knowing that our entire mission is to promote fashion, beauty, glamour, primarily in the female form, we have vowed not to receive an income for doing so. We must be doing something right here because our hits counter tells the tale as it were. At Simpleminds, it is about respect, dignity, and promotion that comes to those for free. Above all, we do not look to venture out of “good taste” and fill the pages with crapola!

So without further ado, I want to introduce you folks to just Kim. She’s made her appearances, although sparingly, here before but always in a very, very limited way. She is from the land where there’s something in the water and it sure seems like everyone up there is really cool!

     Isn’t she just stunning!!!

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