Perfection to the point of Retentive!

I have this real buning passion to leave no stones uncovered. I know it’s cliche; however, there are times when one has to do, what one must do.

I feel it would be a grave travesty of all things beauty, fashion, design, models, chic, and hell, vogue to leave something out that warrants being involved. Please indulge me if you will. I have been waiting for about two years (maybe more!) to do this so I need to fulfill this one idiosyncratic behavior…completeness.

So for what does all of this mean? The Divine Ms. Kim is indeed in high demand; with European markets, Asian, Australian, North American, as well as South American demands for Kim involves yet another agency and their brood of photographers.


I would be a crime not to post something that is as lovely as she is, when you have it in the power to do so. Don’t you agree? So without further ado, here’s more…….KIM!

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