Eye Pleaser’s!

Just couldn’t take it anymore! It seems like forever since I’ve been here! I’ve been engaged playing the game of Chess lately. Whew! Meeting and making friends from all over the world, it has been awesome!

I came across this website a few months ago called Chess.com and after pursuing every other site imagineable, beyond any question of doubt they are the best! Helpful, kind, willing to teach, on-board trainers, different computers to play against the lot gang. Very nice to be here with you folks today. Anyone here or even those who just stop by play the ultimate game of Chess?

Okay then credit where credit is due. I mentioned in every post for the first year of Simpleminds’ release that if one of the models ever corresponded with the site openly to stop by and say ‘Hello’ or thank you for the free promotion, or even acknowledged what we’ve done here, that I would feature ONLY THEM in a post all of their own.Well, we received a wonderfully funny and compliment from Sophia, on our research abilities, hard work, and for “so many lovely compliments.” So this one’s for Sophia! 

Playing Chess is like getting a ‘brain massage.’ Sometimes maybe just a superficial brain massage, you know more topical than any head cracker.   

Then along comes a player that pushes and pushes and pulls every which way and that way, just getting deeper into that ‘brain massage’ with enough spunk and talent to get like an athletic massage. You know, one of those deep tissue massages, yet not quite like the Europeans do. 

Then you come up against players that get you on the run, bomb the hell out of you, and with your ears aching and still ringing, they retreat only enough to let you think you’re gaining ground when Wham! Their counter attack is far more vicious than their opening attack!


 Then there are those games that keep me running for the asprine or acetaminophen just to keep my head from bursting wide open. That kind of game is like getting a really deep, deep, European exotic high pressure till-you-can-take-it-anymore, ‘brain massage.’


If you are up for it and want a great game of Chess with some real international folks on a magnificently run site, friends, come over and join me at Chess.com.  Btw, the photo of Sophia, lower right, remains my fave!





2 responses to “Eye Pleaser’s!

  1. Well, I KNOW of at least one that does! (hehe) However, most of the girls in these pages–believe it or not–are some of the most well-read people I know, and kick-my-tush all over in chess!

    Cheers and thank you!

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