Where have they been Hiding?

This is, of course, a continuation from the series “Where have they all been…?” At last publication for this series was entitled “Argentina II” and featured: Ines Riverio, Pampita, Celeste Munge, Ms.’ Lanaro, Albrect, Fabiano, and the show-stopper, Tatiana Y.

Quite a list, but there’s so much to cover–the world–and though I love the Argentinians, we must move on.

So I was thinking…Ahem….Summertime, white sandy beaches, blue water, add a touch of accent, and VIOLA! Let’s go to Australia! 

Now before I get started, Australia, is very much like Brazil or Czechoslovakia,there are so many beautiful ladies it would take years to even list them all; however, as we have always narrowed our scope to beauty, fashion, and the design professions; therefore, we will be focusing on mostly on ‘fashion’ models, or for that matter, any human being that brings a sweet smelling aroma to our noses, much the same as for what God asked for when honoring him–a fragrance people–not human or blood sacrifices, so let’s focus on beauty, vivaciousness, lusciousness, tightness, skin texture and tone, and for all of what God has created.Just as a sidebar…the author spent some years living in Australia and has a profound fondness for the nation and people of Australiafair dinkum’mate! 

So when you even think about ‘Aussie’s’ what comes to mind? IMMEDIATELY! No time to think here…I think of (originally) beach babes, perfect skin, long hair, athletic, fit yet not buffed, and yes! there are plenty of those stunning Aussie’s.

Then again, most folks don’t know that Melbourne, AUS has been declared the most ‘multicultural’ city in the world by UNESCO (so sorry, NYC). And with that fact, let’s look at some of the ‘not’ so quasi-typical Australians, shall we? 

   So from the top left: Christina, Miranda, Cheyenne, Lisa, Jessica, Nicole, and Cassie. 

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