We’ve Known all Along!

Yep! This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Australian ladies have long been the one’s in the front. Just think of Olivia Newton-John doing that singer to ‘Grease thing with John Travolta. If one were to critically review just ‘Liv’s’ impact on history we’d have to: ‘Just get Physical’ on our way to ‘Xanadu’ whilst stopping at every ‘Koala Blue’ store and buy our Aussie regalia with Ken Done art and writing. Olivia, who started out as a model, moved to Malibu, California in the very early 1980s with preset dates to return to Australia several times a year.

Which I find by the way, to be inherent in every Aussie I’ve ever known. “You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but…” Precisely the same with this mob. They have a patriotism that lasts; they have a very unique since of pride in themselves and in their country. This was clearly demonstrated in the 2000 Olympiad, particular during their shows in the opening cermonies and the closing, and hell, everything day and event in between.

Therefore, one can take the Aussie out of Australia, but you’ll never be able to take the “Australia out of the Aussie.” Here….let’s see some names, think of our reactions, then look at the pictures, shall we?

So then what comes to your mind when you think of Elle MacPherson? For me, I think of success from the ground up! Elle is no small human being! What does one do when after adolescence one is the tallest female or maybe the entire student body at the local Australian high school? 

Elle has gone on to a reasonably good acting career, good or bad film, we all went….fingers crossed! Now after the kids and family life, Elle still is very active in Elle’s Intimates.

Just as “In the beginning there was ‘Olivia and Elle’ tradition continued with Lisa Seiffert and Alyssa Sutherland, both seen on the Vogue Magazine cover (at left).

So what about the ‘new guard’?

Well first we need to examine and appreciate those fine felines who came, conquered, and kicked-butt, before the ultimate new…ladies like Fabienne and Miranda Kerr and Adele McClain who are genuine showstopper’s!  Now my friends who really care for the female form and what’s going on in the world of fashion…between Brazil and Southeastern European ladies Australian ladies have just about RULED the CATWALK with their newest delights.

There are so many, perhaps starting with one of the most sought after models today and of all time: Ms. Gemma Ward:

Diazas! Perhaps there are others who are just as in demand albeit, for other areas of modeling say, beauty, glamour, parts or the entire package? First up  have the unequalled and unparalleled Elyse T. featured on the cover of Bazaar Magazine and a portfolio shot.       

There are just too many young upcoming stars, I will do one short post later to feature them…CHEERS!

The author, contributors, and webmistress wish to thank the great folks over at The Fashion Model Directory for the use of some famous photographs. Everyone should take the time and visit them; it will take the better part of a week exploring, yet, a year or more going through those databases!



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