Not Nearly the Last of the Lot!

G’day! We hope you’ve enjoyed this little expose featuring some of Australia’s fine models. I would be completely remiss if I eneded things here. ‘Why’? You ask…Because the younger models in development, and those models with the very distinctive title as the ones2watch deserve to be seen and Whew! Wait until you see some of these up and coming models!

The rest of this space is dedicated to some brand new girls as well as some of Australia’s modeling supermodels. They don’t call it ‘Oz’ for nothing. Btw, please say ‘G’day’ to Pania to the left.

This next lady has totally taken the fashion world by storm below and in the center, please say “Hello” to Abbey-Lee!'To Die For'






Directly below in “Cat-Mac” or Catherine, Abbey-Lee below, and of course, ElyseElyse to the far right.                                         Catherine


What more could possibly be said about NICOLE!        Directly below and at right is Angela M. 



One response to “Not Nearly the Last of the Lot!

  1. this has really been an enjoyable series you and your team have put together. I had no clue that Aussie’s were nearly as diversified as they are. Thank you for Abbey and Pania!

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