Images of Summer 08′ (so far)

 As promised here is some of what I’ve been working on with “Images of Summer 08” before the collective decision was made to pay Tribute by dedicating an entire post to Ruslana Korshunova. Just before we launch this weeks offering I’d like to pose a question to anyone, everyone in the fashion business or friends, relatives, or direct family: Do you feel that she died as a result of suicide? 

Maybe it’s because I grew up as what is fondly referred to as a “water baby” but for some reason Summer brings out the ‘inner wild thing’ in me that’s dying to get out during other times during the year. Not to be oversold here; however, each of the various seasons Autumn, Winter, and Spring all have their affects on me.

In everything I do from writing, to coffee flavors, to my clothes, and especially my ‘inner and outer’ drives are so influenced by the season. This is no doubt from where “Spring Fever”got it’s name. Imagine being couped-up for a very long winter; the extreme kind where you can’t go out, given of course where you’re at,  I’m talking freezing temperatures well below zero degrees C or F when even your breath freezes upon exhale.

Believe me, I’m not about to bitch about long winters! There’s something to be said about cuddling-up with your lover and not getting out of bed, or away from the fire for any reason whatsoever. Ahh yes but when the temps start warming up and we begin to wear less and less and ‘some kind of wonderful’ pheromone’s start floating through the air, these are just mere precursors too the Summer.

Seriously…just think about music: More songs are written about Summer than just about any other season I can think of; moreover, I firmly believe that those artist’s who write about life during those seasons are bound to have an easier shot at a hit song. Think of it: ‘Summer in the City;’ with, “…go upstairs and I’ll meet you on the roof-top.” Or the masterful and bluesey…”Summertime” and the livin’ is easy…’

When you honestly think about it, more anthem’s are written and played in the Summer than ever be counted. I think…it’s because of the parties!! It’s also a season where the parties are harder and last longer, often from sun-up to sun-down to sun-back-up. Think of “Good Day Sunshine” by the Beatles; or of course certainly an American anthem, “Born to Run” by the ‘Boss’ himself, Bruce Springstein.

One of the great all time images of summer is of course, anything “Nautical.” It seems like every man alive dons a pair of ‘topsiders’ once in their lives, others just live in theirs. Don’t leave home without the ‘Aloha Shirt’ and the Vans.

We ladies should never be caught without appropriate attire–beachwear, after beachwear, cocktail and early evening wear, and of course, the ever convertable swimwear-to-cocktails-to-semi-formal wear.

Models: Kookat:Unknown; Vivana Greco in blue, Yesica in black bikini with stars, Florencia Fabiano for Curves

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