Images of Summer 08′ II

Most folks who frequent here already know that I maintain this site for the sheer delight of relaxation, whilst at the same time using what God has created to look at, or, in some cases even feature.

Up to this point, Simpleminds has focused a lot on models, beauty, fashion, fantasy, and things we all do but most often don’t write about them. Take kissing for example: Most people don’t write about kissing.

Le Kiss

Oh contraire! Kissing for me is one of those human engagements that is every reason in the world NOT to be into Darwin, or his mate Spencer who coined the expressionsurvival of the fittest.” In fact the entire notion of evolutionist theory really is more akin to someone enjoying some serious but recreational drugs!

Another feature or series of features has been “Where have they all been hiding” which the author got her inspiration reading about two men who stumbled upon these ultra-magnificent ladies with perfect, hmmm, everything. However, not being in the modeling or fashion business, were quite surprised when especially the Russian’s, Czech’s, Canadian, and all those ‘Goddesses’ from Brazil started managing their ways into their lives.

And of course what I mean about ‘managing their ways into their lives’ is the notion that it was the men who began looking at fashion, especially the beauty aspect of the industry.

From “Where have they all been Hiding” brought forth a thematic series of “The Ladies of…” and focused on particular countries and highlighting the female aura of those countries.

And now Summer Images 08′. What humankind has done with textiles and various fabrics to this day astonishes me! I mean fabric I would never have had a clue about and it turns into ‘metallic’s’ or ‘exotic furs’ or every kind of ‘stretchy-material’ one could imagine, and yet hasn’t.

Therefore as for me and our quasi-committee here at Simpleminds this site is for relaxation, fun, enjoyment, and keeping the notion of featuring models, fashion, and beauty in good taste. CHEERS!



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