Summer 08′ III

I’m trying to see if this will work so please bear with us. Thank you.

Actually what I did was create a slide show of various images–that we know you’ll love–however, WordPress, as great as they are will not allow shockwave or any semblance of java to be used. This is one of those issues that I completely understand and for all I know, it could just be me! 

But in very typical fashion I will put a link to the “Slide” presentation and if you’d like you can click on the link and have a look just for you. Anyway, the account I set up at “Slide” is basically a ‘dummy’ account meaning there isn’t any information there except some name I dreamt up whilst in a panic!

It still is in a pretty crude style right now, but seriously, how could anyone go wrong with such beautiful ladies?

No matter how many times I post here I just love doing it! As you probably can already tell (hopefully) I’ve been very, very busy of late and subsequently, all of my blogs have been suffering. But the moment I get time, it’s amazing, because I come here automatically.



Some of these images are very, very sensual; other images make me want to dream with just a bit of fantasy. Like Ivona up to the right, just chillin’ in the hammock; but damn! Doesn’t her tush just look awesome and sexy?

Also these following two images are so, so sensual. This first one is of Alizee, right below eating the rice, and the second below is of Kamil. Hope you enjoy this collection of images.

Also if you’d like to see the slide show I mentioned previously just click HERE.



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