Just Overwhelmed..!

Sometimes, hell most of the time it’s hard for me to decide what it is exactly what I like better between color shots or black and white.

What’s really amazing is when the photographer or creative director offers both during the same shoot. Albeit an editorial, advertorial, simple shots or really sophisticated detailed masterpieces there are times when I can’t figure out what I like better.

I think it’s “one of those…” sorts of things. At times when I see perfect lighting conditions on a b&w shot by a very creative genius…I mean, someone who can make flowers look good in b&w!

I’m sure all of us has that one special ‘black and white’ that is reserved for it’s own special place adorning either a wall or nook, and I’d go as far as too say that that photo is precisely where it belongs. Moreover, I’d even bet that there may be two or more of these b&w’s in very special places…”their very own places.”

There are certain emotions that b&w can just blow you away! When I think of the famous John Lennon “Imagine”photograph (I really must make a point of finding the photographer’s name!) or for me it is…:

Nudes! The right lighting, the right circumstances, especially the right person or people, it just seems that a lot of very, very famous photographs are in b&w. Then again, as I stated and I don’t know why, but nudes in b&w are almost their own genre.

So I decided a while back that I would like to do a b&w page one of these days so why not now? Just for fun, let’s ask this question: “What color are the pumps that Elwira’s wearing up and to the right?”

And if anyone loves the female form more than me, I haven’t met them yet. What can anyone say about those lovely white leggings our model is wearing on the upper left? Seriously, I love lace, but who or what could make a ladies bum look better?

So is it….the bum that makes the stockings or the stockings that make the bum? Good question, eh?

Just here at left is Maria who if her portfolio is any indication of where she’s headed…Moon get ready!

 And of course, last but certainly not least is ~Lisa~ (up and left) whose got it all! And then some!





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