Oh! Those lazy dayz of Summer

Nice Jeans

 Ahh, you never really want to admit that with these frequent rains–or certainly the folks in the southern USA–who, year after year get some kind of hurricane(s) or gawd forbid, this little area called “Tornado Alley” starts a’ howling…

As for me it’s just a bit sad really when I come to the realization that summer is coming to an end. When I was but a wee-child I grew up in an area that was 76° 330 days out of the year, then rains that were always worse insofar as the previous summer’s fires obliterated any semblence of ground cover; therefore, watching entire mountains crash into the sea, one in particular called ‘Big Rock’ that literally cut off any transportation between Malibu and Marina del Rey, CA.

 And I think that there is this synaspe that runs through my brain saying a few things: Summer’s over; back to school; no more sleepin’ in; and a whole new crop of stud-muffins to drool over!

ButI really must admit it, the thing that I wanted most out of life at that time was simply to experience the other three real seasons! Oh baby! So much can be said about the rustling of leaves on a semi-cold October or November night; or, there’s nothing like a big fire raging in the fireplace with fur rugs in front of it…and sleeping blissfully all night long!

 Nothing, absolutely nothing equals the grand finale God did when he made the feminine form! As a nice way of putting it, and I mean no disrespect, but I think he took a look at the male he made, and said, Whew! I need to make some serious changes! And I think he started with female skin.

Have you ever witnessed anything so smooth in your life? YES! But it was a baby’s bum!

 The extraordinary issue, is….[sound of drum roll..] that rarely ever do ladies, at least the one’s I know are–still the way–they were when they were born…their skin that is.

 Nicole on the immediate left is simply a treasure! Just as is Ola to the right!

And I‘m positive I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll do it to the day I die…I believe what makes a model a SUPERMODEL is in how versatile the given model is…a quick example:

This might be easy for some….but the stunner just above ~ Maria ~ all three photos are of the same person! 

2 responses to “Oh! Those lazy dayz of Summer

  1. i WANT HQ images of this shoot and the models name! LOL

    (slightly depressed to learn this site isn’t about the 80’s band Simple Minds. They rock!

  2. Mugo,

    Hey thanks for comin’ by!! Sorry about the depression regarding the band Simple Minds, and you’re quite right, they do ROCK! Love em’ and always have.

    So hey! If you get the time go to the first post the one with Kris Stewart from ‘Twilight’ and render an opinion on her dress, k? I thought it was awesome!

    I’ll try and pull up all the stuff re: Jessica for you. She’s Canadian I think. And on the lingerie models, I’m thinking they’ve got to be British! Not a line on either of them. I should have their names by the weekend.



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