Don’t Know About You…

That’s right….I don’t know about you folks, but the days sure seem to be getting shorter, the nights are seeming longer, and the brisk smell of fall is in the air!

Out on my normal 5 mile run yesterday I was amazed hearing the marching band at the local high school, the drum section, and just adjacent to the band was the boys and girls looking like “Friday Night Lights.”

I couldn’t possibly explain the sweet smell of freshly cut grass, a little bit of evening due, and the excitment coursing through my entire body at the reflection of memories of those Friday and Saturday nights of high school. Ahhh, maybe one day I’ll take some real time and write about it.

But for today it’s time to say bye-bye to Summer 08′ and before welcoming in Fall 08′ it’s only appropriate to have a brief perusal of this summer’s swimwear and outter accessories. What do you think?

Some of the swimwear this 2008 left quite a lot to be desired for me. I don’t know, I just couldn’t get my head around it. It looked uncomfortable to wear which is always a turn off for me; yet, at the same time the swimwear did have it’s advantages!

Many folks outside of fashion don’t see the utility of this suit on the right: Where our model (Ms. Jarosova) pulls the front together with her thumbs is also an area where the suit detaches and becomes a light singlet type top and some rather easy bottoms.

On the other hand, Anahi, our model to the left could make anything…sorry, everything look good. Although that is a magnificent suit for her and damn! Does she wear it well, the fact remains that not every lady who puts this baby on will look any thing near her!

And to your right the lovely the magnificent Barbara; yep, she’s Brazilian and we’ll be spending just about the remainder of 2008′ featuring models and fashion from Brazil.

The suit that Barbara features is known for it’s simplicity. Imagine that, eh? Well one would have a hellava time body surfing in it, or just about anything but hanging more ways than one!
This next series is one of my faves! Not only are these suits easy and built for great utility, it is who’s in the suit that matters. We’ll call her “Mystery Girl” for now. However, she should be very easy to identify and the first person to identify her in the comment section here at Simpleminds will get a bonus!

The following shots are for your perusal and enjoyment. I’ve chosen them at random and they will appear as random. Thank you.The Management.





4 responses to “Don’t Know About You…

  1. Claiming my bonus: Is she Virginia, the field hockey player I took to the movies one September long ago, the one we yelled to out the window of the car when we were coming back from cross country practice and then followed to her house and I followed her to her doorstep and asked her out? I’m amazed to see you have her photo here, I haven’t thopught about her in years.

  2. Jungleroy aka Ray:

    Isn’t that the greatest thing about memories? Sometimes I’m flabber-gasted at some of the times, situations, and reflections I have with various memories. For some reason my senses play a HUGE role in my memory.

    Like the bit I wrote about the ‘sweet smell of grass’ during the Fall; I’m sure that goes back to those miserable, tormenting times of adolescence. I can’t think of a human alive now, who is an adult, that doesn’t look back at adolescence with some kind of smile and a flush of memories.

    Yet as we both know during that time…the ackwardness of just living seemed unbearable!

    Okay….great effort with Virginia! But sorry ;-( not her! You never did say whether or not you got that date?

    HINT: The “Mystery Girl” was in three popular films of the 2007-2008 season. And she’s way better in person than the Guess? shots. Cheers!


  3. typical: the thrill was in watching the field hockey game, skirt flying above tanned thighs as she ran and bent toward the ball, ready to whack, and the chase to her doorstep, wild young things we were in cars, crazy and free and drunk on life. The movie was forgettable, the date was dull, and that was that. the next morning it was raining when we ran our big race, and lost. I remember the mud, the cinders stuck to my calves, the solemn ride home, next day in Lexington seeing my friend’s mother, her hair fallen out in big clumps from the cancer. it was another field hockey player the next year at Oktoberdest (my adolescent fetish?) who ultimately broke my heart and sent me spiralling on a different path.

  4. Ray,

    Your writing is simply prose! I was tempted to ask if I could publish it on the main page here at Simpleminds!

    It would be kind of neat or reflective to have several folks druge up some memories past and write them out; then, feature a “Down Memory Lane” piece; I think it would be cool.

    I loved your line “…wild young things we were in cars, crazy and free, and drunk on life.”

    Then I started thinking about “those movies” and I’m not sure I can name one…but ask who took me….ahhhh yes!! That would be easy.



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